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MBA Faculty

Department Co-Chairs: Claudia Roehl and Barry Doyle

Tel: (415) 422-6570

Jonathan P Allen


J.P. Allen spearheads the cutting edge development of internet business at USF. He specializes in open technologies and the ever evolving digital transformation of organizations and society. Leader and educator in the field of online/internet commerce, Professor Allen works alongside non-technical management and guides his entrepreneurship students to create their own flourishing online businesses.

Tel: (415) 422-6081

David Batstone


David Batstone is recognized worldwide for his passion for social justice and devotion to illuminate ethical issues around the globe. A widely praised author in both academia and the popular press, Dr. Batstone explores the business world through the perspectives of politics, economy, and spirituality. He has devoted his teaching career to guide students to understand the profound impact they have in today’s professional environment as leaders striving for a morally sound and just economy.

Tel: (415) 422-6118

Daniel Blakley


Recognized by students, faculty, and staff, Daniel Blakley has been awarded on numerous occasions for his outstanding teaching since 1981. His exceptional guidance in the areas of managerial economics, corporate finance, and global macroeconomic analytics gives students the foundation to excel.

Tel: (415) 422-6785

Mark V. Cannice, Ph.D.

Department Chair / Professor

Mark V. Cannice is an internationally recognized scholar, teacher, and speaker on entrepreneurship and venture capital. Founder of the University’s Entrepreneurship Program showcases his devotion to provide a rich environment that strengthens the spirit of innovation and spectacular professionalism.

Tel: (415) 422-6546

Roger Chen


Roger Chen brings unmatched forward-thinking expertise in the fields of corporate innovation and global strategy. Dr. Chen embodies academic rigor, through his balanced approach to academic research and research methods which has benefited his students, fellow academics, and global corporations.

Tel: (415) 422-6992

Ludwig Chincarini

Associate Professor

Ludwig B. Chincarini brings a wealth of knowledge from his professional experience in the financial industry into his classroom. Dr. Chincarini creates a solid foundation for his scholars to understand rising strategies within the economic field. His well received contributions and extensive involvement within the business world create a shining example for future leaders.

Tel: (415) 422-6129

Barry W. Doyle

Interim Associate Dean / Professor

Barry Doyle, Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Co-Chair of the MBA Department, works with universities around the world helping coordinate and evaluate academic programs, serving as acting Faculty Director at China Resources Holding Company and Guangzhou Enterprises, overseeing their Executive MBA Distance Learning Program as well as teaching basic and advanced corporate finance.

Tel: (415) 422-5245

John Gonzales

Term Assistant Professor

John Gonzales held the position of Principal Economist for the Centre for Cooperation with the Economies in Transition, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) from 1992 to 1994. He aims to help his students develop a more comprehensive understanding of the network of variables that affect our global economy and teaches courses in capital market theory, corporate finance, investment and analysis, micro and macroeconomics, monetary economics, equity valuation and international finance.

Tel: (415) 422-6156

Thomas A. Grossman


Thomas Grossman is a leading researcher and educator who enables students and alumni to harness the power of analytics to lead their organizations. His professional experience entailed writing mainframe production software in so many different computer languages he can barely remember them all. This is where, Grossman claims, he learned to connect mathematics to management. One of his key specialties is helping students and organizations improve their managerial communication of analytic results.

Tel: (415) 422-5427

Moira Gunn

Assistant Professor

Moira Gunn is a former NASA scientist, engineer and software programmer. Dr. Gunn teaches classes on the legal, ethical and social implications of biotech, as well as educating on information system design and analysis. She is also a long-time journalist, hosting public radio's Tech Nation and its regular segment BioTech Nation. It can be heard four times each weekend on the National Public Radio website,, on its 24-hour program stream.

Tel: (415) 422-5459

Linda S Henderson, Ph.D.

Department Chair / Associate Professor

Linda Henderson has played a key role in various international projects for the Danish banking system, Hewlett-Packard in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and Cadence Design Systems in Taiwan. Dr. Henderson teaches that the single most important knowledge base for successful leadership in a climate of ever-increasing globalization is the ability to work and communicate effectively across cultures.

Tel: (415) 422-5976

Keith O. Hunter

Assistant Professor

Keith Hunter’s work as a teacher and researcher builds on his background as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy and a software engineer highly engaged with multiple research and development initiatives. Dr. Hunter’s primary research interests lie at the intersection of social networks, organizational behavior, and organizational development.

Tel: (415) 422-6628

Stephen Huxley


Stephen Huxley serves as the Chief Investment Strategist for Asset Dedication, LLC, an investment consulting company he helped found. Drawing from his involvement in professional organizations and achievements in academia, Dr. Huxley introduces BA and MBA students to the concepts and practice of rigorous examination and analysis, developing their ability to make more informed, strategic, and effective financial decisions.

Tel: (415) 422-6740

Nicholas Imparato

Department Chair / Professor

Nicholas Imparato is an international educator and researcher whose work frequently takes him to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Dr. Imparato has been an advisor and speaker on innovation, public policy, and leadership, with an emphasis on the effects of disruptive change driven by globalization and technology in over 30 countries with Visa, IBM and other organizations.

Tel: (415) 422-6865

Kathleen Kane


Kathleen Kane examines how factors such as race and gender play a part in establishing the norms of respect in business settings. Dr. Kane encourages her students to explore their own values and biases, helping them nurture a greater awareness of the effects these may have in the work environment. She has received numerous awards for her values-oriented curriculum and progressive educational research.

Tel: (415) 422-6139

Kevin D. Lo

Assistant Professor

Kevin Lo has lived and worked in Taipei, Beijing, and Auckland and draws from these international experiences with cross-cultural communication, interpersonal networks and differing perceptions of time across cultures. Dr. Lo encourages his students to recognize a wide range of management and organizational issues in both service-learning and cross-cultural management.

Tel: (415) 422-6364

Laurie MacPherson

Term Associate Professor

Laurie MacPherson was named the youngest Vice President for Lorimar Productions at MGM Studios. Dr. MacPherson specializes in creativity, innovation and management, drawing from over fifteen years of professional experience as a manager in the film and television industry in America, Europe, and Japan.

Tel: (415) 422-6408

Robert Mefford


Robert Mefford studies the productivity of off-shore operations and explores explores how management systems based on lean production methods can facilitate both an ethical global supply chain and sustainability. Dr. Mefford’s management development programs have guided exeutives in global enterprises from Hyundai Precision Industries, China Resources, Guangdong Enterprises and Sanwa Bank.

Tel: (415) 422-2257

Vijay Mehrotra


Vijay Mehrotra believes in a holistic approach to creating business value. Dr. Mehrotra is co-founder and CEO of Onward Inc., an operations management consulting firm and is driven by personal interactions with employees and managers to identify crucial business problems, which he addresses by utilizing data and mathematical methods.

Tel: (415) 422-6406

Frank Ohara

Department Chair / Term Associate Professor

Frank Ohara seeks to acquire the latest knowledge on domestic and global financial markets and institutions - including government and nonprofit sectors - in an effort to ensure that students’ coursework has them engaging with, and responding to real world business trends, developments and shifts in the financial marketplace and global economy.

Tel: (415) 422-4518

John O'Meara

Director of Strategic Initiatives / Term Instructor

John O’Meara draws from his broad professional experience as a manager of a full-service global branding firm. Profesor O’Meara focuses his attention to teaching students how to gain competitive advantage in business, but also to add real, perceptible value to desired consumer audiences.

Tel: (415) 422-2130

Jennifer Parlamis

Associate Professor

Jennifer Parlamis studies the impact of technology on negotiation outcomes and the role of anger and incompetency emotions in negotiation and conflict contexts. Dr. Parlamis helps students acquire skills in order to increase their awareness of effective interaction in business settings. Professor Parlamis is the Organization Development Program Director.

Tel: (415) 422-4152

Anthony Patino

Associate Professor

Anthony Patino has over twenty years of experience in marketing, sales and research at leading entertainment firms such as Sony Picture Entertainment, ABC, Capital Cities, WMAR-TV and Scripps Howard Inc. Dr. Patino’s research informs his teachings on global market strategy, integrated marketing communication, consumer behavior and promotional strategy.

Tel: (415) 422-6561

Claudia Roehl

Term Instructor

Claudia Roehl, Co-Chair of the MBA Department, brings over a decade of experience as former Director and V.P. of Financial Institutions and Structured Finance at Fitch Investors Service in New York. Roehl introduces students to accounting information systems, tools, principles and procedures they will need to evaluate financial information and have inform decision-making within businesses and organizations.

Tel: (415) 422-5768

Paul Ryder

Term Assistant Professor

Paul Ryder explores sustainable healthcare solutions, systems development within business start-ups, and online curricula in the 21st century. Dr. Ryder’s multi-disciplinarian approach to his recent research and teaching is evidenced by his current interests in pattern recognition, learning design, principle discovery, storytelling and strategy development.

Tel: (415) 422-2086

James Shaw


Professor Shaw focuses on cutting-edge research in the fields of labor economics and the economics of competitive advantage.  He is presently conducting research tying these dynamics to the prospective demand for managerial talent in the private, public and non-profit sectors.


Tel: (415) 422-6787

Mouwafac Sidaoui

Department Chair / Term Associate Professor

Mouwafac Sidaoui gives his scholars an unmatched international perspective in the fields of quantitative analysis, decision modeling and algebra/statistics for business. He is renowned for his expertise in entrepreneurship around the world, particularly in the Middle East. Professor Sidaoui teaches his students advantageous and integrative approaches so that they may successfully utilize their understanding of strategic thinking and analysis on an global scale.

Tel: (415) 422-6100

Nicholas Tay, Ph.D.


Nicholas Tay invests in the teaching and motivating of students to pursue doctoral degrees in accounting or finance. An expert in investments, asset pricing, capital markets research, agent based modeling, and social network analysis, he aims to give students the confidence to initiate their own research programs early in their career so they get a head start in their professional and academic lives.

Tel: (415) 422-4507

Ricardo Villarreal

Associate Professor

Ricardo Villareal De Silva is an expert in multicultural behavior and collaborates with international food production companies on ad account planning projects. Defining his research as “the combined effects of ethnic identity and cultural values,” he is presently integrating more sophisticated statistical methods that allow for modeling with latent variables, which may define subpopulations. He hopes to provide greater support and understanding of ethnicity theory and consumer behavior.

Tel: (415) 422-4508

Neil D. Walshe

Assistant Professor

Neil Walshe's research and teaching investigate the role of courage and cowardice in the workplace, as well as the subject of ethics in such contentious industry sectors as armaments and defense. He aims to develop greater insight into how employees construct and exhibit virtuous behavior at work and to understand the role morality plays in occupational and organizational life.

Tel: (415) 422-4528

Jennifer Walske

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Walske, Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management Program Director, is a leading advocate for raising the social consciousness of global businesses. As a writer, researcher and entrepreneur, Dr. Walske promotes emergent social venture firms, with an emphasis on how human and social capital can strategically maximize new firm success. As former Faculty Director of the Global Social Venture Competition - a worldwide program that develops next generation social entrepreneurs - she garnered recognition for her work judging and coaching future leaders of emergent social venture firms.

Tel: (415) 422-5801

Liang Wang

Assistant Professor

Liang Wang’s personal, professional and academic history – spanning eastern and western cultural settings – has given him unique insight into how deep-seated traditions cross-pollinate in an entrepreneurial environment. Business ethics of multinational corporations (MNC’s) are a reflection of both their home and host countries and he aims to guide a new generation of more effective, aware and ethically-driven MNC leaders into the global business space.

Tel: (415) 422-2478

Richard D Waters

Associate Professor

Richard Waters’s research explores such varied topics as LGBT issues in strategic communication, relationship management theory with emphasis on the nonprofit-donor relationship, the ethics of fundraising, and effective use of social media in the classroom. He has authored multiple books and his articles have been published in a number of esteemed professional journals including the Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Review, and Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Tel: (415) 422-4330

Xiaohua Yang


Xiaohua Yang’s research explores the relationship between brand recognition and firm performance, internationalization of Chinese firms, R&D strategic alliances, and foreign market entry strategies. Dr. Yang is garnering recognition in both the international academic community and media (Wenzhou Daily, Sing Tao Daily, and Lihong Radio) for her research on Chinese enterprises in the U.S. and the globalization of Chinese business and serves as Director of the China Business Studies Initiative.