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Environmental Management/MBA

The M.S. in Environmental Management/MBA program is designed to prepare you for leadership in the fast-growing environmental marketplace. Awarded by the USF College of Arts and Sciences and the USF School of Management, the Environmental Management/MBA program provides a cost and time savings of up to 12 units.

  • Separate admission to each school is required
  • Students may begin either program first or begin the programs concurrently.

Application Requirements

  • Online application
  • Resume
  • Essay
  • Interview
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the MSEM program*

*Students applying to the MBA program first or applying to MSEM and MBA programs concurrently (to begin in the same semester) must submit all required application materials as listed here

What is the cost for the DUAL program? 
The MSEM/MBA is a 74-unit program with a cost savings of 12 units. University policy requires that all dual degree students pay the tuition rate of the program they started first throughout their dual degree coursework. 

What is the format?
MSEM/MBA students complete the MBA program in either a Full-Time MBA cohort or Part-Time MBA cohort.  Six MSEM units are applied to the MBA elective curriculum.

I am currently in the MSEM program, and have the Letters of recommendation are waived, but references are required in the online application. What do I do?
Please register the following email addresses as "references" in order to submit the application: mba@usfca.edu, management@usfca.edu.

I am currently in the MSEM program and have the official transcripts waived. But a transcript upload is required in the online application. What do I do?
For expedited processing, please obtain unofficial copies of your transcripts and upload it to the online application. Official undergraduate transcripts from the previous MSEM application (if available) may be used to fulfill registration requirements if admitted to the MBA portion of the dual degree.

Why should I pursue the MSEM/MBA DUAL degree?
Graduates of the MSEM/MBA dual degree program have a solid background in environmental management and business. The program integrates environmental strategy, sustainability and business management to cultivate the next generation of business leaders and environmental managers.