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Student Testimonials
Information Systems
Jayson Fagar“The program has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. Personally, it was been so wonderful to go through the program with a tight-knit cohort that has now become a great group of friends. Professionally, the program has helped me define the field of IT, determine where I want to go in my career, and develop the skills I need to get there.”
Jayson Fagar, MSIS ‘13
Nonprofit Administration
Lillian Samuel"I was a development director of a small nonprofit and now I work as a development director for one of the top universities in the country. I used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, now I raise millions of dollars. I certainly needed the degree to take me to this level. I am much more confident… I feel like there is no limit to what I can do."
Lillian Samuel, MNA ’11
Organization Development
Lupe Poblano ‘13“I’m a better person after having spent two years in a room with the people in my cohort. They are an immensely talented and thoughtful group of leaders in their own organizations, and the wealth of experience, talent, skills and values that they brought to the table greatly enriched my learning experience.”
Lupe Poblano ‘13
Part-Time MBA
Dawn Gleiter“The program has shown me that I can change my own world from here, right now. I don’t have to change companies or careers to be able to impact the future of our society.”
Dawn Gleiter, Part-Time MBA ‘14
Full-Time MBA
Christopher Serio, Full-Time MBA ‘10"The USF MBA helped me build an unmatched professional network that helped get me the job I have today. Going to the School of Management was without a doubt the best career move I could have ever made."
Christopher Serio, Full-Time MBA ‘10
Executive MBA
Andrew Cerri"I learned how to collaborate and work side by side with people who had approaches different from my own. It's an incredible feeling to solve problems and create positive end results while on such diverse teams."
Andrew Cerri, EMBA '12
Financial Analysis
Alfred Au, MSFA '12“People talk about the difficulty of the CFA Level I exam, but the curriculum in the USF MSFA curriculum prepared me so well. The courses are well-rounded while still providing the tools we need to perform on the CFA exams.”
Alfred Au, MSFA '12
Philippe Bouet, MSFA '11“Studying in downtown San Francisco, right by the Financial District, right is incredibly for networking. All of our professors are from different fields - some are in academics, some in banking - it's a very good mix.”
Philippe Bouet, MSFA '11
Zesu Wei, MSFA '14“USBCC is more than just a language course. We tackled cases studies, honed our presentation skills, and immersed ourselves in American educational culture. As an international student, USBCC proved a useful transition to adjust to a new environment and adequately prepare for school in the U.S.”
Zesu Wei, MSFA '14
Conor O’Sullivan, MSAN ‘14“The proximity of USF’s downtown campus to leading businesses gives us the opportunity to meet and attend seminars by the country’s most talented data scientists.”
Conor O’Sullivan, MSAN ‘14
Global Entrepreneurial Management
Pablo Restreppo, MGEM ‘14“Having spent the year traveling in the MGEM program immersed in different cultures, I now wholly understand global business. I am from Columbia, so to go study in China, a culture so different from my own, and learn about the business opportunities that are available to me there was invaluable.”
Pablo Restreppo, MGEM ‘14
Sebastian Cabrera“In the MGEM program we spent one semester in Barcelona, one in Taipei, and one in San Francisco. Not only did I meet and live with people from all over the world, they became my family. The experience I gained in MGEM gave me the tools to launch my new business.”
Sebastian Cabrera, MGEM ‘11
Dual Degree Programs
Jacob Gelfand, JD/MBA ‘12“Networking is about cultivating relationships without necessarily knowing where those relationships will take you. Take the time to be curious and interested in other people, to explore new industries, new types of companies and new ways of thinking. The program offered numerous opportunities to engage with the community and to foster that curiosity.”
Jacob Gelfand, JD/MBA ‘12
Public Administration
Sheryl Davis, MPA ‘11“The opportunity to develop projects on current community issues was invaluable to me. To merge theory with real-world application allowed me to work on projects for which the outcomes were more meaningful than a grade.”
Sheryl Davis, MPA ‘11
Ana Marie Lara-Baquiran, MPA ’10“The coursework in the MPA is incredibly relevant to the work I do -- the research, the analysis the ability to identify gaps and inefficiencies within welfare programs. Everything we learned has been so applicable. Thanks to the program and my cohort, I’m a more well-rounded professional.”
Ana Marie Lara-Baquiran, MPA ’10
Mijiza Sanchez, Full-Time MBA ‘04“I had some of the most brilliant and amazing professors, and the cohort of people who went through the program with me are now some of my closest friends. For me, that positive experience really spoke to the quality of education and strength of the program.”
Mijiza Sanchez, MPA ‘04