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Staff of the University of San Francisco School of Management.

School of Management Faculty contact information is available in the Faculty Directory ยป.


Name Title Phone Location Email
Gina Alvarez Program Assistant, Hospitality Management 415-422-6416 LM 107
Sara Asefaw Program Assistant 415-422-2142 MH 244C
Leslie Blakeman Program Assistant 415-422-4295 SFC C5
Jason Burns Program Assistant 415-422-2520 SFH
Cheryl Cain Assistant to the Dean 415-422-5980 MH 421
Laura L. Camara Director of Academic Operations, Planning & Resources 415-422-2714 MH 420
Laura Carney Program Assistant, Military Science/Army ROTC 415-422-6405 UN 103
Daryl Cook Manager of Finance, Budget and Planning 415-422-2507 MH 241
Joel Correa Admissions Officer, Military Science/Army ROTC 415-422-5628 UN 104


Name Title Phone Location Email
Elizabeth B. Davis Dean of the School of Management 415-422-2508 MH 418
Blanca Delgadillo Program Assistant, Finance, Budget, and Planning 415-422-6378 MH 244D
Kristen Dittus Program Assistant, Executive Education 415-422-8488 SFH 430
Sean Dolan Program Assistant, Graduate Career Services SFH
Andrea Ellickson Program Coordinator, Executive Education 415-422-2715 MH 133
Susan Ewens Associate Director of Alumni and External Relations 415-422-4106 SFH 106
Lynette Ferguson Director of Graduate Career Services 415-422-4708 SFH
Eric Freeman Manager of Web Strategy & Development 415-422-2390 MH 114
Margot Frey Director of Marketing
and Communications
415-422-2084 MH 116


Name Title Phone Location Email
Aija Gamburg Associate Director of Graduate Recruiting and Admissions 415-422-4434 SFH 400C
Francisco Gamez Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies 415-422-2316 MH 110
Vanessa George Associate Director of Career Management 415-422-2917 SFH
Frank Gigliotti Program Assistant, Academic Department Support 415-422-2092 MH 421I
Jane Gleason Assistant Dean, Executive Education 415-422-6939 SFH 605
Danielle Glynn Director of Alumni & External Relations 415-422-4324 SFH
Dori Grant Assistant Director of Graduate Recruiting & Admissions 415-422-7288 SFH
Alissa Gossett Program Assistant 415-422-5284 SFH
Katherine Green Assistant Director of Academic Affairs 415-422-5966 MH 420
Erin Grogan Director of Finance Budget and Planning 415-422-2146 MH 242
Valerie Gonzalez Program Assistant 415-422-2503 MH 244A
Jode Hamilton Program Manager 415-422-5861 SFH C6
Mikaela Hinds Program Manager 415-422-4553
Blythe Hurley Manager of Student Life 415-422-2511 SFH C7


Name Title Phone Location Email
Simone Harris Jordan Manager of Undergraduate Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment 415-422-4668 MH 112
Wilma Kay Program Assistant 415-422-4685 MA 244F
Patricia Kwok Assistant Director, International Advising and Business Development 415-422-7012 SFH 507
Kendra Liebowitz Program Assistant 415-422-4677 SFH C8
Jason Lyons Director of Assessment of Learning 415-422-2180 MH 421


Name Title Phone Location Email
Allyson Martinez Program Assistant, Undergraduate Studies 415-422-6421 MH 113
Robert Menjivar Program Assistant, Office of Finance, Budget and Planning 415-422-2584 MH 244E
Elisabeth Merkel Interim Director of Graduate Recruiting & Admissions 415-422-6554 SFH
Mindi Mysliwiec Director of Graduate Student Affairs 415-422-2546 SFH 608
K.O. Odsather Associate Director of Hospitality Management 415-422-6721 LM 107
Lauren Ognibene Program Assistant 415-422-4499 SFH
Michele Owen Coordinator of Alumni & External Relations 415-422-7287 SFH


Name Title Phone Location Email
Michael Pasquale Training Officer, Military Science/Army ROTC 415-422-2812 UN 119
Jo-Ellen Radetich Program Assistant 415-422-2093 MH 244F
Jennifer Ratliff Associate Director of Development 415-422-4359 MH 420
Ashli Rocha Manager, Operations and Employer Relations 415-422-5033 SFH C9


Name Title Phone Location Email
Kiana Salazar-Thompson Director of Administration and Operations 415-422-2505 MH 241
Wilita Sanguma Manager of Administration and Operations 415-422-2145 MH 244H
LaSchaunda Smaw Program Assistant 415-422-2803 MH 113B
Sarah Steer Undergraduate Studies Program Assistant 415-422-6421 MH 113
Tim Swift Program Assistant/Office Coordinator 415-422-4770 SFH Reception
Kelly Tarry Manager of Academic Logistics and Adjunct Faculty 415-422-2526 MH 421


Name Title Phone Location Email
Carmella Warren Human Resources Assistant, Military Science/Army ROTC 415-422-2562 UN 103
Joanna Woo Manager of Recruitment & Admissions 415-422-4497 SFH
Emelie Whiting Assistant Director of Graduate Recruiting and Admissions 415-422-5186 SFH 400E
Anne Yumang Program Assistant 415-422-5696 MH 111