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MBA Department

Department Co-Chairs

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Barry W. Doyle


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Claudia Roehl


Department Faculty

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David Batstone


David Batstone is recognized worldwide for his passion for social justice and devotion to illuminate ethical issues around the globe. A widely praised author in both academia and the popular press, Dr. Batstone explores the business world through the perspectives of politics, economy, and spirituality. He has devoted his teaching career to guide students to understand the profound impact they have in today’s professional environment as leaders striving for a morally sound and just economy.

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Karl Boedecker


Karl Boedecker, Chair of the Economics, Law and International Business Department, has a B.A. in Economics, an M.A. in Economics, a Ph.D. in Business Administration and a J.D. degree. He practiced law in San Francisco with the firm of Case, Ford, Atkinson and Burland, where he did civil litigation. A USF faculty member since 1976, he has also taught at the University of Maine (Orono,) Wayne State University, and the University of California (Berkeley.)

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Ludwig Chincarini

Associate Professor

Ludwig B. Chincarini brings a wealth of knowledge from his professional experience in the financial industry into his classroom. Dr. Chincarini creates a solid foundation for his scholars to understand rising strategies within the economic field. His well received contributions and extensive involvement within the business world create a shining example for future leaders.

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Barry W. Doyle

Interim Associate Dean / Professor

Barry Doyle, Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Co-Chair of the MBA Department, works with universities around the world helping coordinate and evaluate academic programs, serving as acting Faculty Director at China Resources Holding Company and Guangzhou Enterprises, overseeing their Executive MBA Distance Learning Program as well as teaching basic and advanced corporate finance.

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Vijay Mehrotra


Vijay Mehrotra believes in a holistic approach to creating business value. Dr. Mehrotra is co-founder and CEO of Onward Inc., an operations management consulting firm and is driven by personal interactions with employees and managers to identify crucial business problems, which he addresses by utilizing data and mathematical methods.

Tel: (415) 422-2130

Jennifer Parlamis

Associate Professor

Jennifer Parlamis studies the impact of technology on negotiation outcomes and the role of anger and incompetency emotions in negotiation and conflict contexts. Dr. Parlamis helps students acquire skills in order to increase their awareness of effective interaction in business settings. Professor Parlamis is the Organization Development Program Director.

Tel: (415) 422-4152

Anthony Patino

Associate Professor

Anthony Patino has over twenty years of experience in marketing, sales and research at leading entertainment firms such as Sony Picture Entertainment, ABC, Capital Cities, WMAR-TV and Scripps Howard Inc. Dr. Patino’s research informs his teachings on global market strategy, integrated marketing communication, consumer behavior and promotional strategy.

Tel: (415) 422-6561

Claudia Roehl

Term Instructor

Claudia Roehl, Co-Chair of the MBA Department, brings over a decade of experience as former Director and V.P. of Financial Institutions and Structured Finance at Fitch Investors Service in New York. Roehl introduces students to accounting information systems, tools, principles and procedures they will need to evaluate financial information and have inform decision-making within businesses and organizations.

Tel: (415) 422-4508

Neil D. Walshe

Assistant Professor

Neil Walshe's research and teaching investigate the role of courage and cowardice in the workplace, as well as the subject of ethics in such contentious industry sectors as armaments and defense. He aims to develop greater insight into how employees construct and exhibit virtuous behavior at work and to understand the role morality plays in occupational and organizational life.

Tel: (415) 422-4528

Jennifer Walske

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Walske, Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management Program Director, is a leading advocate for raising the social consciousness of global businesses. As a writer, researcher and entrepreneur, Dr. Walske promotes emergent social venture firms, with an emphasis on how human and social capital can strategically maximize new firm success. As former Faculty Director of the Global Social Venture Competition - a worldwide program that develops next generation social entrepreneurs - she garnered recognition for her work judging and coaching future leaders of emergent social venture firms.