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Department of Organization, Leadership, and Communication

Department Chair

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Linda S Henderson


Department Faculty

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Rebekah Dibble

Assistant Professor

Rebekah Dibble fosters a learning space that encourages students to investigate the effectiveness and importance of cultural competence. Dr. Dibble’s research investigates the impact of national culture and government within organizations, cross-cultural teams and collaborations. .

Tel: (415) 422-5459

Linda S Henderson, Ph.D.

Department Chair / Associate Professor

Linda Henderson has played a key role in various international projects for the Danish banking system, Hewlett-Packard in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and Cadence Design Systems in Taiwan. Dr. Henderson teaches that the single most important knowledge base for successful leadership in a climate of ever-increasing globalization is the ability to work and communicate effectively across cultures.

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Keith O. Hunter

Assistant Professor

Keith Hunter’s work as a teacher and researcher builds on his background as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy and a software engineer highly engaged with multiple research and development initiatives. Dr. Hunter’s primary research interests lie at the intersection of social networks, organizational behavior, and organizational development.

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Kathleen Kane


Kathleen Kane examines how factors such as race and gender play a part in establishing the norms of respect in business settings. Dr. Kane encourages her students to explore their own values and biases, helping them nurture a greater awareness of the effects these may have in the work environment. She has received numerous awards for her values-oriented curriculum and progressive educational research.

Tel: (415) 422-6361

Edward (Eli) Kass

Term Assistant Professor

Edward Kass examines the attributes that determine “interactional justice,” a term he uses to describe a desired outcome involving a myriad of factors: trust, persuasion, quality, perceived/actual deception, and power alliances. Dr. Kass hopes to gain new insight into the interpersonal and psychological components at play in business and organizational communications.

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Eunkyung Lee

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Eunkyung Lee is an experienced researcher on leadership, conflict and conflict management, negotiation, and social network development in organizations. Aligned in Jesuit tradition, Dr. Lee helps students analyze and understand contemporary organizations from a theoretical and empirical perspective and facilitates an environment where students can learn how to become effective leaders with both strategic and interpersonal skills.

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Kevin D. Lo

Assistant Professor

Kevin Lo has lived and worked in Taipei, Beijing, and Auckland and draws from these international experiences with cross-cultural communication, interpersonal networks and differing perceptions of time across cultures. Dr. Lo encourages his students to recognize a wide range of management and organizational issues in both service-learning and cross-cultural management.


Matthew Monnot

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Matthew J. Monnot is an experienced researcher in the field of Organizational Behavior and he has taught courses in Global Management, Leadership and Organizational Change. His diverse background includes professional experience as an internal consultant in the telecommunication and biotechnology industries for Genentech and AT&T, with a focus on organization development, workforce research and analytics, personnel selection and assessment.

Tel: (415) 422-2130

Jennifer Parlamis

Associate Professor

Jennifer Parlamis studies the impact of technology on negotiation outcomes and the role of anger and incompetency emotions in negotiation and conflict contexts. Dr. Parlamis helps students acquire skills in order to increase their awareness of effective interaction in business settings. Professor Parlamis is the Organization Development Program Director.

Tel: (415) 422-5768

Paul Ryder

Term Assistant Professor

Paul Ryder explores sustainable healthcare solutions, systems development within business start-ups, and online curricula in the 21st century. Dr. Ryder’s multi-disciplinarian approach to his recent research and teaching is evidenced by his current interests in pattern recognition, learning design, principle discovery, storytelling and strategy development.

Tel: (415) 422-4508

Neil D. Walshe

Assistant Professor

Neil Walshe's research and teaching investigate the role of courage and cowardice in the workplace, as well as the subject of ethics in such contentious industry sectors as armaments and defense. He aims to develop greater insight into how employees construct and exhibit virtuous behavior at work and to understand the role morality plays in occupational and organizational life.