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Department of Finance

Department Chair

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Frank Ohara


Department Faculty

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Ludwig Chincarini

Associate Professor

Ludwig B. Chincarini brings a wealth of knowledge from his professional experience in the financial industry into his classroom. Dr. Chincarini creates a solid foundation for his scholars to understand rising strategies within the economic field. His well received contributions and extensive involvement within the business world create a shining example for future leaders.

Tel: (415) 422-4558

Sara Xiaoya Ding

Assistant Professor

Sara Xiaoya Ding is an expert in the fields of international finance and corporate governance. Broadening students’ understanding of global markets, Dr. Ding uses her research and exploration of financial decision making in multinational firms in her teaching.

Tel: (415) 422-6129

Barry W. Doyle

Interim Associate Dean / Professor

Barry Doyle, Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Co-Chair of the MBA Department, works with universities around the world helping coordinate and evaluate academic programs, serving as acting Faculty Director at China Resources Holding Company and Guangzhou Enterprises, overseeing their Executive MBA Distance Learning Program as well as teaching basic and advanced corporate finance.

Tel: (415) 422-6991

Cathy Goldberg

Associate Professor

Cathy S. Goldberg holds extensive expertise in corporate finance and emerging markets, financial integration, country risk and currency contagion. Her research is used for issues addressed in portfolio management, economic policy, corporate investment, asset pricing, and venture capital research. She believes that students and educators alike have a responsibility to uphold ideals of economic and social justice wherever there are communities in need..

Tel: (415) 422-5245

John Gonzales

Term Assistant Professor

John Gonzales held the position of Principal Economist for the Centre for Cooperation with the Economies in Transition, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) from 1992 to 1994. He aims to help his students develop a more comprehensive understanding of the network of variables that affect our global economy and teaches courses in capital market theory, corporate finance, investment and analysis, micro and macroeconomics, monetary economics, equity valuation and international finance.

Tel: (415) 422-6408

Robert Mefford


Robert Mefford studies the productivity of off-shore operations and explores explores how management systems based on lean production methods can facilitate both an ethical global supply chain and sustainability. Dr. Mefford’s management development programs have guided exeutives in global enterprises from Hyundai Precision Industries, China Resources, Guangdong Enterprises and Sanwa Bank.

Tel: (415) 422-6406

Frank Ohara

Department Chair / Term Associate Professor

Frank Ohara seeks to acquire the latest knowledge on domestic and global financial markets and institutions - including government and nonprofit sectors - in an effort to ensure that students’ coursework has them engaging with, and responding to real world business trends, developments and shifts in the financial marketplace and global economy.

Tel: (415) 422-2583

Manuel Tarrazo


Manuel Tarrazo teaches corporate finance and investment management. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated the power of sophisticated heuristics (mental shortcuts), such as “fuzzy optimization,” to provide answers to such real world imperatives as which securities should be considered first and whether equity merits investment. Dr. Tarrazo has earned two “Best Study in Finance” and one “Best Interdisciplinary Study” award for his professional presentations.

Tel: (415) 422-6100

Nicholas Tay, Ph.D.


Nicholas Tay invests in the teaching and motivating of students to pursue doctoral degrees in accounting or finance. An expert in investments, asset pricing, capital markets research, agent based modeling, and social network analysis, he aims to give students the confidence to initiate their own research programs early in their career so they get a head start in their professional and academic lives.

Tel: (415) 422-6271

John Veitch


John Veitch, Professor of Finance and Director of the M.S. in Financial Analysis program, brings over two decades of academic and chief administrative service to the University. Specializing in financial analysis and risk management, Dr. Veitch is the co-author of a number of articles on country risk in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa due to contributing factors of financial integration, currency devaluation and currency contagion.