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Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy

Department Chair

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Mark Cannice


Rev. P. Carlo Rossi Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership

Joe Mandato

Managing Director, De Novo Ventures

Department Faculty

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Jonathan P Allen


J.P. Allen spearheads the cutting edge development of internet business at USF. He specializes in open technologies and the ever evolving digital transformation of organizations and society. Leader and educator in the field of online/internet commerce, Professor Allen works alongside non-technical management and guides his entrepreneurship students to create their own flourishing online businesses.

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David Batstone


David Batstone is recognized worldwide for his passion for social justice and devotion to illuminate ethical issues around the globe. A widely praised author in both academia and the popular press, Dr. Batstone explores the business world through the perspectives of politics, economy, and spirituality. He has devoted his teaching career to guide students to understand the profound impact they have in today’s professional environment as leaders striving for a morally sound and just economy.

Tel: (415) 422-6785

Mark V. Cannice, Ph.D.

Department Chair / Professor

Mark V. Cannice is an internationally recognized scholar, teacher, and speaker on entrepreneurship and venture capital. Founder of the University’s Entrepreneurship Program showcases his devotion to provide a rich environment that strengthens the spirit of innovation and spectacular professionalism.

Tel: (415) 422-6546

Roger Chen


Roger Chen brings unmatched forward-thinking expertise in the fields of corporate innovation and global strategy. Dr. Chen embodies academic rigor, through his balanced approach to academic research and research methods which has benefited his students, fellow academics, and global corporations.

Tel: (415) 422-4395

Monika Hudson

Assistant Professor

Monika Hudson provides undergraduates with service learning opportunities and has actively brought on board more than 100 Bay Area organizations to participate. Dr. Hudson blends professional experience in the public sector with deep community involvement through teaching and research. She directs the USF’s Gellert Family Business Center to provide strategic and practical business knowledge to promote successful next generation leadership.

Tel: (415) 422-6364

Laurie MacPherson

Term Associate Professor

Laurie MacPherson was named the youngest Vice President for Lorimar Productions at MGM Studios. Dr. MacPherson specializes in creativity, innovation and management, drawing from over fifteen years of professional experience as a manager in the film and television industry in America, Europe, and Japan.

Tel: (415) 422-5153

Nicole Nguyen

Term Assistant Professor

Nicole Nguyen brings to USF her eclectic professional experience as a banker and trader on Wall Street and a start-up executive in Asia and Silicon Valley. Professor Nguyen has been training students and business executives since 1999 in the areas of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.

Tel: (415) 422-2151

Gleb Nikitenko

Term Assistant Professor

Gleb Nikitenko brings more than fifteen years of program development, international management, and academic experience to the School of Management. A valued longtime member of the USF community, he has made significant contributions since joining the University in 2001, and is a recognized expert in his field. Dr. Nikitenko has worked with accreditation bodies, such as AACSB, NASPAA, WASC, and YOK (Turkish Ministry of Higher Education)

Tel: (415) 422-6547

Sun-Young Park

Associate Professor

Sun-Young Park is a former management consultant for a leading multinational firm and has advised global companies and national government agencies both in the Asia Pacific and U.S. In Dr. Park’s recent research she has examined the role of corporate social responsibility activities in fostering a quality relationship with frontline employees within firms.

Tel: (415) 422-4528

Jennifer Walske

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Walske, Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management Program Director, is a leading advocate for raising the social consciousness of global businesses. As a writer, researcher and entrepreneur, Dr. Walske promotes emergent social venture firms, with an emphasis on how human and social capital can strategically maximize new firm success. As former Faculty Director of the Global Social Venture Competition - a worldwide program that develops next generation social entrepreneurs - she garnered recognition for her work judging and coaching future leaders of emergent social venture firms.

Tel: (415) 422-5801

Liang Wang

Assistant Professor

Liang Wang’s personal, professional and academic history – spanning eastern and western cultural settings – has given him unique insight into how deep-seated traditions cross-pollinate in an entrepreneurial environment. Business ethics of multinational corporations (MNC’s) are a reflection of both their home and host countries and he aims to guide a new generation of more effective, aware and ethically-driven MNC leaders into the global business space.