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Department of Business Analytics and Information Systems

Department Chair

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Mouwafac Sidaoui


Department Faculty

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Steven Alter

Professor Emeritus

Steven Alter, Professor Emeritus, is a highly recognized innovator, prolific researcher and outstanding educator committed to giving students the necessary tools in the field of technology-enabled innovation and systems organizations. Dedicating his life to the emerging technological field, Dr. Alter has shared his personal experiences and creative insights with his scholars to showcase the beneficial integration between IT- reliant systems and the business world.

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Matthew Dixon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Matthew Dixon began his career as a quantitative developer at Lehman Brothers in London before pursuing academics and consulting in the finance and IT industry for many years. He is a respected international researcher and consultant of analytics and financial risk, whose career has taken him all over the world. He has taught computational analytics, data acquisition and applications of analytics in the Master of Science in Analytics program.

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Thomas A. Grossman


Thomas Grossman is a leading researcher and educator who enables students and alumni to harness the power of analytics to lead their organizations. His professional experience entailed writing mainframe production software in so many different computer languages he can barely remember them all. This is where, Grossman claims, he learned to connect mathematics to management. One of his key specialties is helping students and organizations improve their managerial communication of analytic results.

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Moira Gunn

Assistant Professor

Moira Gunn is a former NASA scientist, engineer and software programmer. Dr. Gunn teaches classes on the legal, ethical and social implications of biotech, as well as educating on information system design and analysis. She is also a long-time journalist, hosting public radio's Tech Nation and its regular segment BioTech Nation. It can be heard four times each weekend on the National Public Radio website,, on its 24-hour program stream.

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Stephen Huxley


Stephen Huxley serves as the Chief Investment Strategist for Asset Dedication, LLC, an investment consulting company he helped found. Drawing from his involvement in professional organizations and achievements in academia, Dr. Huxley introduces BA and MBA students to the concepts and practice of rigorous examination and analysis, developing their ability to make more informed, strategic, and effective financial decisions.

Tel: (415) 422-2527

Paul Intrevado

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Paul Intrevado is a highly respected and award-winning educator and consultant in the fields of Operations Management and Healthcare, working to develop economically sustainable patient-centric solutions to pressing healthcare issues. He brings to USF a diverse wealth of professional experience through numerous high-profile consulting projects that have taken him to Canada, the USA, Kenya, Turkey, Norway, and India.

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Paul Lorton Jr


Paul Lorton Jr is a visionary educator with a dynamic range of interests. In addition to teaching, Dr. Lorton is the Property Master of the San Francisco Lyric Opera and as a consultant for the San Francisco Unified School District in the areas of technology use and effective school evaluations and assessment. Dr. Lorton serves as an excellent example for his students to find meaning and satisfaction in both academic and professional lives.

Tel: (415) 422-2257

Vijay Mehrotra


Vijay Mehrotra believes in a holistic approach to creating business value. Dr. Mehrotra is co-founder and CEO of Onward Inc., an operations management consulting firm and is driven by personal interactions with employees and managers to identify crucial business problems, which he addresses by utilizing data and mathematical methods.

Tel: (415) 422-6964

Stephen Morris

Term Associate Professor

Stephen Morris explores how various technologies can help students better understand ideas, improve their critical thinking and analytic skills, and approach business problems/decision-making from a more informed perspective. Professor Morris believes students are more likely to act on their newfound knowledge in more meaningful and humanistic ways by integrating effective learning technologies into the communities that would benefit the most.

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Joel Oberstone


Joel Oberstone is an internationally-recognized sports analyst and contributor to The Wall Street Journal Europe. Dr. Oberstone consults for clients including Microsoft, Synopsys, KQED Television, ABC and NBC Television Networks, and Women’s Trust (Bank of America), using his expertise in quantitative and inferentially-supported analyses to engage his students.

Tel: (415) 422-6787

Mouwafac Sidaoui

Department Chair / Term Associate Professor

Mouwafac Sidaoui gives his scholars an unmatched international perspective in the fields of quantitative analysis, decision modeling and algebra/statistics for business. He is renowned for his expertise in entrepreneurship around the world, particularly in the Middle East. Professor Sidaoui teaches his students advantageous and integrative approaches so that they may successfully utilize their understanding of strategic thinking and analysis on an global scale.