Silicon Valley Immersion Programs

The University of San Francisco Silicon Valley Immersion (SVI) Programs™ are custom certificate of completion programs with both academic and experiential learning components focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. The SVI programs have been offered to over 1,500 participants from various organizations in 15 different countries including Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa, including higher education institutions, incubators, accelerators, consulting firms, government agencies, and investment network organizations.

The SVI programs are offered on the Hilltop campus in San Francisco and are designed by a prominent team of USF faculty and industry experts. These uniquely structured programs are composed of lectures, hands-on workshops, coaching sessions, panels, company visits, walking immersions, team projects, and networking events.

Key Industry Focuses

  • Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Wine Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Health Care Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Clean Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Program Benefits

  • Acquire important skill sets including effective communication through Silicon Valley pitching techniques as well as vital leadership, management and analytical abilities.
  • Develop a creative and yet disruptive business model that will serve short-term and long-term goals.
  • Discover how to enter desired target markets as well as how to find the necessary resources for successful market entry.
  • Explore best practices of innovation and entrepreneurship of leading companies.
  • Learn how to successfully sustain an existing business or to develop a new venture by understanding how to apply innovation to an organization.
  • Obtain essential know-how around early stage venture deployment.

Target Groups

  • Business or Science / Engineering Students
  • Business Leaders, Executives and Managers or Entrepreneurs
  • Business Advisors, Consultants and Mentors
  • Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Officers from Government Agencies
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Faculty

Group Size

A group of 15 to 20 participants are highly recommended. Larger group size can be also discussed depending on your group’s specific needs.

Duration of Program

The SVI Programs are typically offered for one week to two weeks. Shorter term programs can be also discussed depending on your group’s specific needs.