USF School of Management Bachelor of Science in Management
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Organizations, Leadership, and Management

As of Fall 2012, we are no longer accepting applications for the Bachelor of Science in Organizations, Leadership, and Management. The School of Management is offering a new Bachelor of Science in Management degree starting in Spring 2013.

Leadership requires an understanding of human behavior and applied managerial skill. Our Bachelor of Science in Organizations, Leadership, and Management (BSOLM) teaches you to actively investigate organizational life, providing you with the conceptual and practical tools to effectively guide complex organizations. Our Jesuit values of moral and ethical leadership, social justice, and service to others provide the inspiration and the core for the program’s curriculum.

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The BSOLM program, designed for working professionals, provides small class sizes to enrich the learning environment. Our cohort system encourages you to form deep relationships with fellow students.

  • Typical program length is 23 months, with 44 credits
  • Students attend class for four hours one night a week, with occasional Saturdays and online coursework
  • $920 per credit (2012-2013)

Regina Rohe, Alumna '07

"The in-depth and focused education I received from my degree continues to propel me professionally because I learned to view my career choices from a different perspective. I now have a much better understanding of the varied structures and operational models of organizations, and I have used that knowledge to find positions that better suit my skills, interest and my moral principles."