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Professor Helen Piserchio downloaded 26 iPad apps: 11 productivity/teaching; 9 games/entertainment for kids; 4 news/info; and 2 reading/books. She found several that appealed to children. In the games category, Doodle Buddy kept kids busy for long stretches at a time. Productivity apps included Stickyboard by Qrayon, an app that allows users to post virtual 'sticky' notes and move them around. Looks like a good app for brainstorming and organizing ideas. Another app for brainstorming and organizing is Idea Sketch that links together ideas and uses a hierarchical structure. Idea Sketch allows for notes/comments to be included in the background as pop-ups. Another productivity app was Present Pad, similar to other presentation software seen on computers.

Professor Piserchio looked at Audio Note for recording lectures and taking notes. She also tried out Dragon and had aless than stellar experience with it (still very buggy). I have used SoundNote (previously SoundPaper) and this may be one of the most useful apps for students. These applications allow for the recording of lectures while taking notes. With the old iOS, though, a limitation was that you could not go to any other application while continuing to record, so if the instructor wanted you to look at a pdf, you could not do it on the iPad without changing applications. I will investigate this further with the new iOS that came out last week.



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