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iAnnotate for the iPad

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There are several iPad applications which I have found productive to use. One is called iAnnotate which allows the user to annotate on pdf’s. I have used this program to make comments on exams and papers, and then emailed the marked up pdf back to the students. What is nice about this program on the iPad is not that it does anything that could not be done before (Adobe Acrobat allowed annotations and comments), but the iPad works like a very portable tablet PC, and this application lends itself to the iPad interface. You can use a stylus or the keyboard to make notes and comments. The iPad is combining the concept of the tablet PC with the desktop or laptop computer and putting it into a small, very personal package. iAnnotate takes advantage of that interface. The touch screen interface of the iPad is also a key feature for this application – you can zoom into an area of the document, write your notes, and then zoom out and the comments can be the same size as the text. You can even write between the lines if the students haven’t double spaced the document.

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