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Day 1 in El Salvador - Settling In

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The hotel is the Alicante. It is like a nice motel – with three stories and built somewhat like a rabbit warren. Stairs go off in different directions and the room numbering system – wait, I am not sure there is a numbering system. The hotel may have undergone various stages of building and when new sections were added, the room numbering continued where it had left off. It is cute and has a very nice courtyard and smallish pool.

Mike, Bob, and I sit in the patio to have lunch. I have a chicken sandwich and try the local Pilsener beer – not bad! Afterward I go to my room and post homework assignments for my classes, and then take a siesta. I had gotten only two hours sleep the night before, and after an hour sleep I wake up groggy. I go downstairs and Mike and I order dinner in the dining room before Bob shows up. We eat hurriedly  and then we head back to the airport in our rented bus to pick up the rest of the group. The first arrivals have just emerged from customs and we greet them. Bats are flying around, eating the insects that are attracted to the bright lights of the terminal. After about 20 minutes, the rest of the group shows up from another flight. We get on the bus and return to the hotel.

We are in the early stages of getting to know one another, so there is small talk on the bus. When we arrive back at the hotel, people check in and there is some amusement over trying to find rooms since there is no relationship to the room number and its location in the hotel. The porter is extremely helpful and brings bags and people to their rooms.  There is only one of him and 10 of us, so after several people give up trying to find their rooms on their own, the porter comes to their rescue.

We gather back in the dining room for sandwiches as the new arrivals have not eaten. I pass on the sandwiches but do indulge in the fries! We are told about the next day’s tentative itinerary, what time to meet in the morning, and then it is off to our rooms. I go back to my room pretty tired and then go to sleep.

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