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Day 1 in El Salvador - Arrival

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Day 1 – Wednesday June 15

Arrived at the San Salvador airport at 11:15am. Went through customs easily and waited for my bags. As always, after seeing lots of bags go by that were not mine, I have a little apprehension that my bag did not make it. But the bag arrives and I leave the terminal.

I see a throng of locals crowding around the barricades that have been put up – they await the arrival of their loved ones. A blast of hot, humid air greets me as I try to find the people who will pick me up. Taxi drivers are shouting at me, trying to get a fare as they see my look of bewilderment. But it is a look that tells of my initial confusion and discomfort of trying to find my way to the front of the terminal. Just as I get to the curb, I hear my name called – Mike  and Bob have just pulled up in Bob’s old, desert yellow Jeep.

I get in and we take the drive back to San Salvador, about a 45 minute trip. We talk the whole way, so I barely see the countryside. I notice a row of roadside stands with huge, neatly stacked piles of coconuts. Most of the drive is like a parkway with trees planted in the median. There are occasional glimpses of houses, but as we near San Salvador, more houses appear. We come to a stop light and there are people selling food and mosquito zappers. Bob tells them gracias and we drive off, arriving at the hotel a couple minutes later.

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