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*When: March 1st, Tue, 11:45-12:45
*Where: MH 230

Title: Stumbling Toward Capitalism: The Unexpected Emergence of China’s Independent Auto Industry
In her dissertation, Stumbling Toward Capitalism: The Unexpected Emergence of China’s Independent Auto Industry, Chang analyzes the unintended consequences of China’s experimental policymaking approach through the lens of the auto industry. Specifically, she investigate the origins of China’s independent automakers, many of which are privately-held. The emergence of an independent automobile sector in China is puzzling given the industry’s historically high financial and technological barriers to entry and the Chinese government’s staunch support of state-owned automakers. Chang finds that the emergence of independent automakers was not the direct outcome of national industrial policies, as was the case in Japan and South Korea. Rather, Chang argues that Chinese entrepreneurial automakers indirectly benefited from: 1) the successes and shortcomings of the party-state’s joint venture (JV) policy, 2) China’s accession to the WTO, and 3) the changing nature of production networks in the global auto industry. Her argument stands in stark contrast to that of scholars who largely credit the party-state’s industrial policy for the modernization of China’s auto sector. Chapter 4, presented here, specifically explores the ways in which China’s accession to the WTO and key changes in global production networks opened opportunities for China’s independent automakers to break into the domestic auto market. The of the four leading independent automakers – BYD, Chery, Geely and Great Wall – are presented as case studies to support the argument. Chang will also discuss these auto makers' motives and path for global expansion and challenges facing them ahead.

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