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AirSketch for the iPad

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Another interesting iPad application is AirSketch from qrayon. This application allows you to mirror to a web browser on a computer running on the same Wi-Fi network what you are drawing on the iPad. The computer can be projecting the web page onto a screen for students to watch. Initially I did not see much value in having college students in a classroom watch me draw squiggles on a sketch pad. However, AirSketch allows you to have pictures as background images which can be written upon. Aha! I have often shown in my classroom pages out of a textbook – tables, charts, worked-out examples, etc. I have used document cameras and marked the documents up for the class. I have converted documents to pdf’s and used Adobe Acrobat to view them and the clunky mouse interface to annotate and mark up pdf’s for students watching on the big screen. But now I can convert those documents to a jpg, put them into a picture folder on the iPad, easily pull up the picture as my wallpaper, and draw on it. I am now untethered to the lectern! As long as there is a Wi-Fi network to connect the iPad and computer, I can walk around the classroom, demonstrate to individual students while carrying my iPad, and using a stylus (or my finger) draw on the relevant diagram, chart, or whatever else I care to show students, while my markings show up for everyone to see. This program can also be used for students using the iPad for group work to share their creations with the rest of the class on the big screen.

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