USF School of Management
SOM Student at Laptop
USF School of Management Dean Elizabeth Davis

Strategic Plan


The School of Management will be one of the premier teaching, research and networking platforms for managerial education, one that is regionally anchored, nationally recognized and globally connected.


The School of Management at the University of San Francisco is a catalyst for change in business, government and non-profit managerial practice. Through research and teaching that draws on the global diversity and entrepreneurial energy of our region, we educate students to build more productive and compassionate organizations. We value human dignity and integrity, open and disciplined inquiry, and a collaborative and enterprising spirit.

Core Strategic Levers

  • Small School Advantage
  • Sector Emphasis
  • San Francisco Location
  • Social Justice Orientation

Strategic Priorities

Education Programs and Scholarship:

  1. Ensure high-quality curriculum with a culture of high expectations for students, faculty and staff across all programs, supporting social justice and mission-related academic and community impact. (Small School Advantage; Social Justice Orientation; San Francisco Location).
  2. Create a vibrant research and consultant culture that promotes excellence and innovation in research and professional engagements across the private, public and nonprofit sectors, with an emphasis on innovation (Sector Advantage).

People and Internal Operations Processes:

  1. Foster diverse and inclusive interactions for faculty, staff and students that encourages high performance, teamwork, respect, and accountability across main campus, downtown, and regions. (Social Justice Orientation).

External Relations:

  1. Generate and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with organizations, professional associations, and individuals that secure access and resources that support the lifelong learning and professional development of our students and alumni across all programs. (San Francisco Advantage; Small School Advantage; Sector Emphasis; Social Justice Orientation).