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About Us

From whatever perspective you approach the University of San Francisco School of Management you will discover exceptional programs, faculty and staff.

The School of Management at the University of San Francisco is a catalyst for change in business, government and nonprofit managerial practice. Through research and teaching that draws on the global diversity and entrepreneurial energy of our region, we educate students to build more productive and compassionate organizations. We value human dignity and integrity, open and disciplined inquiry and a collaborative and enterprising spirit.

We are Academically Rigorous

Experiential learning opportunities contribute to a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for today's dynamic marketplace. Students participate in numerous national competitions, including the Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Competition and the Annual National Intercollegiate Business Ethics Competition.

We are a Jesuit Culture

We believe in the education of the whole person and that's why service learning is a USF requirement. Management students lend their knowledge in practical ways to a variety of non-profit organizations to improve their operations and further their development. At La Cocina, for example — an incubator for entrepreneurs in the food industry — our students work with women who are taking the first steps toward their own businesses, and thereby to prosperity for themselves and their families.

We are Global


The Joint Master’s In Global Entrepreneurship Management gives students the unique opportunity to study at three campuses on three continents — at IQS in Barcelona, at Fu Jen in Taipei, and here at the University of San Francisco. After one intense year, they are awarded degrees from each university.

Academic Global Immersions

Through Academic Global Immersions, our students travel the world — throughout South America across Europe to Turkey and Dubai — learning business and social culture directly from a nation’s leading entrepreneurs, national government leaders, finance ministers, local Chambers of Commerce and local mayors.

Silicon Valley Immersion Programs

Silicon Valley Immersion Programs bring together students, entrepreneurs and business people from across the globe to learn both the academic fundamentals of contemporary entrepreneurship and innovation as well as hard-earned business experience and insights directly from leading professionals.

We are Diverse

  • 25.6% of our undergraduate students are international in origin.
  • Our most recent MBA cohort consists of students from 20 countries, speaking 36 native languages.
  • Our faculty is diverse, and multilingual. Six full-time faculty members are native Mandarin speakers. We also have faculty who are native speakers of Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, German, Russian, Gaelic, and other languages.

We are in and of San Francisco

San Francisco is the best place on earth to be a student of management. Our students have access to the most intense business ecosystem in the world as this city is home to high tech, biotech, venture capital and entrepreneurial leaders and is quickly becoming a hub for globalized Chinese businesses. Our academically renowned faculty bring a wealth corporate experience both from start-ups and global enterprises.