Freshman Saves Drowning Tourist

Freshman RescuePhoto by Dale Johnston.

Sibo Luo ’17 admits he’s not a very good swimmer, but when the freshman heard screams and saw a woman drowning in the San Francisco Bay, he jumped.

“At that time, I didn’t think that much. I just made the decision,” said Luo.

Now, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is calling him a hero and so is Acting Chinese Consul General Ruan Song. Both held ceremonies to honor the USF marketing student for saving a tourist’s life.

That tourist, Sho Uging, was taking pictures on Torpedo Wharf near the Golden Gate Bridge on Jan. 18 when she took one step too many, backward, and fell off the pier. 

Sibo LuoSibo Luo ’17

She was face down and unconscious when Luo reached her. He flipped her on her back in the 50-degree water, and two more bystanders jumped in to help. The three kept her afloat until first responders arrived. 

Uging was in a coma for three days, but she recovered fully and has returned home safely to her native Taiwan.

“They didn’t know each other. Yet, they acted as we would think all San Franciscans would act, which is with a big heart, without thinking about the danger to themselves,” Lee said.

Luo’s courage not only won him accolades, but also a new friend; he and Uging email frequently.





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