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LWC Resources

The University of San Francisco offers so many resources for its students. Everything from financial aid assistance to spiritual support to getting help on an essay. Today, I am going to go over ten of the top centers and departments that you should make the most of while here at USF.

  1. The Learning and Writing Center
    One. The Learning and Writing Center offers free tutoring services and writing support.
  2. Gleeson Library
    Two. Gleeson library houses countless resources and also helps with research efforts.
  3. SDS
    Three. Student Disability Services helps students find the accommodations they may need to optimally perform in the USF community and is available for students who have a diagnosed disability or students who think that they might.
  4. CAPS
    Four. Counseling and Psychological Services promotes self-understanding and helps resolve personal problems.
  5. University Ministries
    Five. University Ministries hosts interfaith programming and many service opportunities.
  6. Career Services Center
    Six. Career Services Center helps with career planning and resume building, among other things.
  7. One Stop
    One stop serves as the one stop shop for registration, financial, and tuition questions.
  8. SLE
    Eight. Student Leadership and Engagement oversees all student organizations on campus and provides opportunities for students to get involved on campus.
  9. Koret
    Nine.  Koret Health and Recreation Center also hosts several outdoor adventures such as skiing or wakeboarding. It provides students with opportunities to stay fit through club sports or group exercise classes. Koret also has an Olympic size pool, weight rooms, and exercise machines to help you stay fit.
  10. HPS
    Ten. Health Promotion Services provides programming and assistance to promote overall health and well-being.

All then of these places are great assets. Be sure and check them out.