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Managing Stress

Managing Stress
Living with stress. What is stress? Stress is a physical and emotional response to events that threaten or challenge and stimulate positive and negative events. There are three types of stressors. There are sudden and powerful events that occur quickly and affect many people. There are life changing events that produce stress in our own lives, and there are daily hassles, minor irritants, that produce little stress that can add up.

Ready Yourself Physically
Stress plays a toll on your body so exercise, eat right, and stress less. The stronger and healthier you are the less negative impact stress will have on you. And also, less caffeine equals less stress. Eat right: Whole foods, fruits, and veggies. Avoid processed sugars and salts. Exercise! Choose what you like, make it your life, and sleep.

Identify causes of stress
Identify what is causing stress. List out your sources of stress such as paying rent, relationships, bad tests, grades, supervisors at work, roommates. Put yourself in charge.

Develop Coping Strategies
Developing coping strategies: take charge of the situation, offer an alternative solution, and negotiate with an instructor. Don't waste time to change the unchangeable. Use your energy to improve rather than to rewrite history. Look for the silver lining. How can something that seems pointless actually benefit you?
Talk to friends and families for support systems. At USF you can also go to CAPS. Relax, meditate, progress, relaxation. Concentrate on breathing.

Place stress in perspective
Place stress in perspective. Don't sweat the small stuff. How worth of are you over the minor things. If someone isn't doing enough in your group project, how are you handling it? Keep a perspective and make peace with stress. Challenges are stimulating and can be exciting. They help us grow so embrace stress.

Find what works for you
Evaluating effectiveness of strategies. Find what works for you. Try something new.