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Coping with Cramming

We all know that trying to cram for a whole units worth of studying the night before a test is no good. Procrastination and cramming is definitely not the way to go, but it happens from time to time. We get busy, we push things off or we simply forget that we have a test.

What do you do to make the most out of your study time? I’m here to offer a few tips that may help in these stressful situations.

First of all, focus on what you are able to do. Be realistic. Don’t get yourself down for not starting earlier and direct your attention to what is in front of you.

Second, focus on finding the important material. You won’t be able to learn everything, so narrow it down to the most crucial topics or material for the test.

Third, Create a one-page study sheet of all the important hard to know information. It will be helpful to have everything in one place. Reading and writing the information can help you soak in the material.

Finally, read through everything. Maximize your time by skimming through the most important points of your class notes and readings and read through your one page study sheet aloud over and over. Repetition and relaxation is key.

Best of luck and try to start earlier with studying next time.