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Implementation of the New Logo - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I still use my old business cards and letterhead?

    Answer: Yes. Please exhaust your current supply of business cards and letterhead before ordering any new materials. This helps the university in its efforts to “go green” and is cost effective.

  2. When can I order business cards and letterhead with the new logo?

    Answer: Purchasing Services is completing negotiating with several printing companies. Pricing and order forms should be available the week of August 29th. Look for a USFConnect message with all the details.

  3. Are all university brochures and web pages using the new logo?

    Answer: Yes. The University of San Francisco website ( and all newly designed university publications will feature the new logo and tagline.

  4. How can I learn to correctly use the new logo in my department publications?

    Answer: For specifics on how to use the new logo and tagline, please refer to the Style Guide at The guide includes applications for everything from Stationery and Mailing Labels, to Screensavers.

    If you have questions about the style guide, please contact Eugene Vinluan-Pagal, Publications Production Manager at ext. 5539 or

  5. Where can I learn to correctly use the new logo on the university website?

    Answer: The Web Style Guide available at outlines the proper use of the logo on the website, including information on Permanent Design Elements, Navigation Options, and more.

    If you have questions on how to use the logo on the university website, please contact Marlene Tom, Director of Web Communications, at ext. 2350 or

  6. Where can I learn to use the new logo in USF-sponsored social media?

    Answer: The Social Media Standards guide is available at If you have questions on how to use the logo in social media, please contact Thomas Listerman, Director of E-communications, at ext. 6097 or

  7. Can I use the old logo for my school or program in the future?

    Answer: No. With the launch of the new logo identity on August 18, 2011, no other logos may be used.

    In exceptional cases, special permission can be requested for the development of supplemental graphics. More information can be found at pages 24-25. If you have questions, please contact Dale Johnston, Publications Creative Director, at ext. 2691 or

  8. When will signs around campus reflect the new logo?

    Answer: The transition will take place over the next year, as budgets and work priorities allow.

  9. Why did USF develop a new logo?

    Answer: The previous logo was created nearly two decades ago. The new design freshens the logo, and represents the University of San Francisco as it is today—dynamic, contemporary, and relevant.

  10. How was the new logo created?

    Answer: The new logo was jointly created by Studio Hinrichs, a leading San Francisco design firm, and Dale Johnston, the University of San Francisco’s Publications Creative Director. The designers collaborated with a special university task force, the Branding Work Group, which worked for 18 months conducting market research, selecting a new logo, and making its recommendation to the university president and leadership team.

  11. Who was consulted during the redesign process?

    Answer: Faculty, staff, alumni, current students, prospective students, and community leaders were included in several rounds of research. Members of both the faculty and staff served on the Branding Work Group. The new logo was enthusiastically endorsed by the leadership team, ASUSF, the alumni board, and the University of San Francisco Board of Trustees.