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Janet Carmona

Janet CarmonaReserves Coordinator

Phone: (415) 422-6908

About me:
I am a first-generation Mexican-American born and raised in Los Angeles County. After high school I went to community college in Walnut, California before transferring to San Francisco State University , where I got my Bachelor of Arts in History. My original plan was to graduate college and move back home, maybe get a job and hang out with my cat. I graduated in the Fall of 2009 and I’m still here. I am currently debating whether or not I want to bring my cat to live with me in my awesome Tenderloin studio apartment.  

My first job ever was in a library, and that's probably where my last job will be too. I've always enjoyed the customer service aspect of working in a library, where I can get some insight into the patrons' interests based on what titles they pick up. Also, it makes me really happy when a patron is excited about a hold that's ready for them. I began working at Gleeson in April 2011 and it brings me great joy everyday to be a part of this place.

I've always been into the little decade in American history known as the Sixties. The turbulent politics, the music, the fashion, the people, the social movements, all of it. I see many things going on in the world today that totally parallel that roller coaster decade and am kind of excited to be alive during this time. During my free time you can most likely find me trying on shoes at a thrift store, in a vegetarian-friendly restaurant (Udupi Palace anyone?), or watching movies at the Kabuki.