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Services for Branch Campus Students

If you are a student at any of USF's Branch Campuses or programs 25 miles beyond San Francisco, these Branch Library services are designed especially for you.


Priority is given to currently enrolled students and teaching faculty at each campus. Students from other USF campuses and USF Alumni may use the branch libraries at the discretion of the branch library staff. Please call or email the librarian in advance to find out the best times to visit or get help. If you are vision-impaired, please notify the library staff. We are compliant with ADA requirements.

Library Instruction

If you have any questions about using the library, feel free to call or drop in for help. The librarian or library assistant is available to help you with searching, reference, and information questions. The librarian's focus is to help students with research for their course assignments. During the first weeks of class, a library orientation session is usually scheduled for new cohorts. Classroom instruction in research methods is available throughout the year. If you'd like your instructors to schedule a session, please let them know.

The librarian offers individual or small group sessions on a drop-in basis or by appointment. These sessions can be general (How can I get full-text articles from the library’s databases?) or specific (I need information on this particular topic).

To help improve your writing skills, contact the USF Writing Center. Faculty Writing Consultants work with students and can provide feedback on students' writing in all disciplines. See their website for more information.

Choose your campus to set up an appointment:


Each branch campus library has a small onsite collection of books, videos, and DVDs. These are listed in Ignacio, the USF online library catalog. Limit by Location narrows your search to a particular campus.

Books:  Your USF ID card is your library card. Books circulate only to the currently enrolled students and teaching faculty at each campus. Circulating books may be taken out for two weeks and renewed once for an additional two weeks. Reference books do not check out. Reserve books must be used on campus.

Charges for lost or damaged materials are based on the current average cost to the library plus a processing fee. Processing fees are non-refundable and material cost fees are non-refundable once the order/replacement process has begun. If a borrower states that an item has been returned, but library records indicate otherwise, a search is instituted by the library. If this process does not produce the book within two weeks, it is considered to be lost by the borrower. Students who have unpaid charges are placed on University Hold, and will not receive any One Stop Enrollment and Financial Services or Registrar services until their library account is cleared. Students whose charges exceed $99 will have their borrowing privileges from all USF's libraries and library partners suspended. All charges on a student's account must be paid before the University Hold is lifted. University Holds are lifted within 24 business hours after receipt of the payment. For information on payment methods, see Fines, Fees, and Replacement Charges.

If you want to check out books from the San Francisco campus's Gleeson Library | Geshcke Center, our Link+ library consortium, or ILLiad interlibrary loans, you are eligible for delivery and return options through our Document Delivery service. 

Videos and DVDs: Students may arrange to view videos only on their own branch campus. Videos and DVDs do not circulate to any students.

Magazines:  A small collection of journals and magazines is available.

Reserve Course Material:  Faculty may place books, articles, DVDs, or videos on reserve in the library for student use.

For electronic reserves, go to the Gleeson Library | Geschke Center, click on Reserves, and enter either your Instructor or Course. Click View or Print for the title you want. Enter your last name and USF ID number. All readings are in PDF format, requiring Adobe Reader to view. Mac users should be sure to open readings in Adobe Reader rather than the default Preview application. For multiple documents, go to View Your Library Record  and login. From your library record, click on Search the Catalog and access your reserves page by Instructor or Course. Now you can open all the readings without having to enter your name and ID each time.


The library computers are equipped with the Windows operating system, Internet access, Microsoft Office 2007, Photoshop Elements, and other software. Printers and scanners are available and there is wireless access throughout the campus. To log on to the University network, enter your USFconnect username and password. If you are unable to log on, ask the library staff for assistance or contact ITSHELP (415-224-6668 or Access to many library-related services requires authentication with your last name and USF ID. Go here to look up your ID number.

The computers are available on a first-come basis for class-related work. Priority is given to currently enrolled students and teaching faculty aat each campus. Students from other USF campuses or USF alumni may be asked to relinquish their computer if it is needed.


There is no charge for printing the results of online research, including web pages and journal articles, or a reasonable number of drafts and assigned papers. If you need to print a large document, make arrangements with the library staff for a time when the library is not busy. The library printers may not be used to print the following types of documents: multiple copies of any document (print one, then use the copier), PowerPoint presentations with fewer than 3 slides per page, pages with dark backgrounds, and overhead transparencies. If your instructor posted required course material online, the class representative or other appointed student may print one master copy to keep in the library for the class to photocopy.


Your USF ID card, also known as your One Card, is used make copies. All cardholders automatically have a Don Dollars debit account created for them. You make deposits  online. Be sure to add funds 24 hours in advance to allow for processing time.

Using Gleeson Library | Geschke Center

Your USF ID card is required to enter the Gleeson Library | Geschke Center. Your USF ID card is also required as a debit card to print from any of the computers in the library and on the San Francisco campus. Photocopying is available with the USF ID or cash. To add value to your ID card, use one of the many Cash to Card machines on campus (including the library), use the online deposit form , or visit the One Card Office in Lone Mountain 130. For more information, see One Card and Campus Security Systems.