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Trina Grillo Consortium and Retreat

Each year USF School of Law students and faculty partner with other regional law schools for the Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Law Retreat. The weekend event is a forum for public-interest minded law students to network with students, faculty, and practitioners from around the country. 

17th Annual Trina Grill Public Interest & Social Justice Law Retreat

View the full schedule of events here

Re-Imagining Social Justice Lawyering: The Next Generation
March 20-21, 2015 | Santa Clara Law School | Santa Clara, CA

The Trina Grillo Retreat is an annual event that is co-sponsored by a consortium of law schools, including USF, and the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT). 

The Retreat provides a unique opportunity for public interest and social justice-oriented law students, faculty members, career counselors, administrators, activist lawyers, and other interested persons to exchange viewpoints, explore current issues of legal and social justice, discuss opportunities to engage in public-interest projects or careers, and exchange information and share experiences with each other. Details on the retreat including, schedule, and availability of funding for attendance will be posted sometime in early February 2014.

Trina Grillo served as a source of inspiration to many law students, professors, and public interest and social justice lawyers, and the retreat held in her honor each year serves as a forum for practitioners, students, and academics to discuss today's challenges to social justice lawyering.

The Retreat embodies the aspirations of Trina’s work against injustice in its many forms and toward diversity and equality. Trina spent most of her life in Oakland, California. The daughter of an Italian mother and a Black Cuban American father, she started her teaching career in 1977 at UC Hastings and taught later at USF Law, in the subject areas of constitutional law, torts, and mediation, while also directing the academic support program. Her published writings encompass themes of women, women of color, multiracialism, mediation, and inequality.

The 2015 Trina Grillo Retreat is scheduled to include the following panels:

  • Social Justice Advocates Describe Their Approach to Practice
  • Launch Your Practice with Pro Bono and Experiential Learning
  • Social Justice Entrepreneurialism
  • Dean's Roundtable - Social Justice and Legal Education (featuring USF's own Dean Trasviña)
  • Career Strategies Groups
  • Using Technology and Social Media to Change the World

Trina Grillo Consortium 

Since 1998, the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) has co-sponsored the Trina Grillo Retreat with a consortium of West Coast law schools, including the University of San Francisco School of Law. SALT established the Retreat to honor the memory of Trina Grillo (1948–1996), a former professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law and Santa Clara University School of Law, who was a dedicated social activist and justice advocate. Find more information about Trina Grillo here

In recent years a new consortium of law schools was formed to support the retreat. USF, along with Denver, Golden Gate, McGeorge, Oregon, Santa Clara, Seattle, Southwestern, Stanford, UCLA, UNLV and Washington, works with SALT in retreat planning and sponsorship. The Grillo Retreat moves among the locations where the consortium members are located, across the Pacific.

2014-2015 Consortium Schools and Contacts

Golden Gate University School of Law
Contact: Cynthia Chandler 
Email cchandler@ggu.edu
Santa Clara University School of Law
Contact: Deborah Moss-West
Email: dmosswest@scu.edu
Seattle University School of Law
Contact: Diana Singleton
Email: singletd@seattleu.edu
Southwestern Law School
Contacts: Laura Cohen; Nyree Gray
Emails: lcohen@swlaw.edu; ngray@swlaw.edu
Stanford Law School
Contact: Diane Chin
Email: dchin@law.stanford.edu
University of California Los Angeles School of Law
Contact: Catherine Mayorkas
Email: mayorkas@law.ucla.edu
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
William S. Boyd School of Law
Contacts: Ngai Pindell; Ann Cammett
Emails: ngai.pindell@unlv.edu; ann.cammett@unlv.edu
University of San Francisco School of Law
Contact: Grace Hum
Email: ghum@usfca.edu
University of Washington School of Law
Contact: Michele E. Storms
Email: mestorms@uw.edu