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All-Purpose Law Sites

Legal Blogs & Podcasts

The following sites can help you find legal blogs ("blawgs") and podcasts in your area of interest. Legal blogs are good tools for finding breaking news and commentary.

  • Justia Blawg Search & Directory - lets you search the content of hundreds of law-related blogs for discussions relevant to your research. There is also a topical directory of blawgs.

  • ABA Journal - extensive legal blog directory, legal blog search engine and other legal news.

  • Blawg Republic - a digest of posts from law blogs. Blawg Republic includes a topical Blawg Directory.

  • The Blogs of Law - "A Comprehensive Index of Law-Related Blogs"

  • Law Professor Blogs - academic blogs on topics from antitrust to workplace law.

  • The Common Scold - by journalist and USF Law School alumna Monica Bay. The Common Scold includes a detailed and well-chosen blogroll emphasizing legal tech and the practice of law.

United States Federal Law Sites

Federal Courts & Case Law

Federal Statutes & Legislation

Federal Regulations

  • Code of Federal Regulations - from the Government Printing Office, from 1996/97 to the present. This official web version of the current CFR is only as current as the print version. To update, use:

  • "Electronic" CFR - an unofficial, continuously-updated version of the Code of Federal Regulations, currently in beta test.

  • Code of Federal Regulations from Cornell's Legal Information Institute.

  • Federal Register - from the Government Printing Office, from volume 59 (1994) to the present. Daily publication of new and proposed federal regulations, presidential executive orders, and important notices from federal agencies.

  • Proposed regulations - for review and comment on the government's Regulations.gov site.

  • Justia Regulation Tracker - for keeping track of new and proposed federal regulations, executive orders, administrative orders, notices & proclamation. Allows for searching, browsing by agency, and subscribing to automatic updates.

Federal Agency Information

California Law Sites

  • FindLaw's California Page - cases, statutes, court information, forms, news, legal organizations & law firms, law schools, government information, and more.

California Courts & Case Law

  • California Courts - The Judicial Branch of California - an official site including recent cases, Judicial Council forms (many of which are "fillable" using Adobe Reader), court rules, links to the Supreme Court, the Courts of Appeal and trial courts, a self-help center, news, and other court information.

    Judicial Council Forms are also available for free from AccessLaw. From AccessLaw's home page, follow the link to "Judicial Forms."
  • Free California Case Law from the Official California Courts site - Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases from 1850. Fully searchable by keyword, party name, official Cal. or Cal. App. citation, or docket number.

  • California Legal Opinions from Google Scholar - Use the advanced search function on Google Scholar to locate California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases. Includes California appellate and supreme court cases since 1950.
  • Free California Case Law via FindLaw & AccessLaw - Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases from 1934. Researchers may search by key word or retrieve cases by party name, official Cal. or Cal. App. citation, or docket number. (Registration is required.)

  • Recent California Cases - Opinions of the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal from the last 120 days. (The site warns that these slip opinions are "'as filed' opinions of the court that have not yet been enhanced and edited for publication in the California Official Reports and may not yet be final as to the issuing court.") There is no search capability.

    [The Judicial Branch site also hosts an archive of opinions more than 120 days old. The archive begins in late 1999. The archive's disclaimer warns that the archive "is not provided for purposes of legal research," that it contains some opinions that are superseded and may not be cited, and that the opinions are "as-filed versions of opinions…postfiling clerical corrections and editorial enhancements…are not reflected in these opinions, and modifications to opinions are not integrated into the opinion."]

  • San Francisco County Superior Court - includes links to dockets and selected documents for civil cases via the court's Electronic Information Center.

California Statutes

California Regulations

California Agency Information

San Francisco Local Law

International Law & Foreign Law Sites

  • The World Legal Information Institute - country pages, regional pages, foreign legislation, courts and case law, Project DIAL (Development of the Internet for Asian Law), and more.
  • Guide to Law Online: Nations of the World - links, depending on the country, to constitutions, legislation, courts, official government sites, research guides, country studies, and other legal, governmental, and academic web sites. From the Law Library of Congress.
  • GlobaLex - Authoritative guides to researching international, foreign, and comparative law.
  • Researching Foreign Legal Systems - Basic Resources  - A Zief Law Library research guide to print, web, and other online sources.
  • Foreign Governments - links to the official web sites of foreign governments. (Hosted by Northwestern University Library's government information department.)

Other Libraries

Use these links to see if the information you need is at another library and to get information about other Bay Area Law Libraries

  • WorldCat.org
    Search for books and journals in hundreds of libraries by using one simple search box. WorldCat will list the libraries that own an item, the distance to the closest library that owns the item, and allows you to access the online catalog of the library that owns the item quickly and easily.
  • LibDex, the Library Index
    Web access to hundreds of libraries (and their catalogs) worldwide.