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Volume 48, Issue 1 (Summer 2013)


Ninth Annual Pemberton Lecture: Bargaining, Race, and Globalization: How Baseball and Other Sports Mirror Collective Bargaining, Law and Life
William B. Gould IV


Challenging Judicial Notice of Facts on the Internet Under Federal Rule of Evidence 201
Coleen M. Barger

The Knock-And-Announce Rule and Police Arrests: Evaluating Alternative Deterrents to Exclusion for Rule Violations
Dr. Christopher Totten & Dr. Sutham Cobkit (Cheurprakobkit)

Comments and Notes

Thrown Under the Bus: Victims of Workplace Discrimination After Harris
David W. Fujimoto

Shaken Baby Syndrome, Wrongful Convictions, and the Dangers of Aversion to Changing Science in Criminal Law
Cassandra Ann Jenecke

Saving the California Homeowner Bill or Rights from Federal Banking Preemption
Jeremy F. Koo

Hey Girls, Did You Know? Slut-Shaming on the Internet Needs to Stop
Emily Poole

Volume 47, Issue 4 (Spring 2013)


Ex Parte McCardle and the Attorney General's Duty to Defend Acts of Congress
John E. Beerbower

Unexpected Commonalities: The Applicability of Bioethics Concepts to Insider Trading Law
Samer B. Korkor

Using Contract Law to Tackle the Coaching Carousel
Stephen F. Ross and Lindsay Berkstresser

Cyberbullying and California's Response
Atticus N. Wegman


Overdrafting Toward Disaster: A Call for Local Groundwater Management Reform in California's Central Valley
Philip Laird

Snake Oil in Your Pomegranate Juice: Food Health Claims and the FTC
Alexandra Ledyard

Data Expiration, Let the User Decide: Proposed Legislation for Online User-Generated Content
Karen Majovski

Volume 47, Issue 3 (Winter 2013)


Environmental Justice in the Deep South: A Golden Anniversary Reflection on Stimulus and Change
Jonathan C. Augustine

No Money, Mo' Problems: Why Unpaid Law Firm Internships are Illegal and Unethical
Eric M. Fink

A Crime of Its Own? A Proposal for Achieving Greater Sentencing Consistency in Neonaticide and Infanticide Cases
Margaret Ryznar

A Case for Grade Inflation in Legal Education
Joshua M. Silverstein


Parenting Rights in California: Marriage v. Biology
Jennifer Bryan

The Behind Closed Door Policy: Executive Influence in the Environmental Protection Agency's Informal Rulemaking
Jaclyn L. Falk

Why Many Meritorious Elder Abuse Cases in California are Not Litigated
Daniel L. Madow

Volume 47, Issue 2 (Fall 2012)


Keynote Address: The Path to ECPA Reform and the Implications of United States v. Jones
James X. Dempsey

Mapping Our Privacy: The Use and Misuse of Location Data (A Law Enforcement Perspective and Legislative Balancing)
Stephanie K. Pell


Standing Up for Mr. Nesbitt
Stephen Wm. Smith

Electronic Surveillance Law and the Intra-Agency Separation of Powers
Paul Ohm

Caution Advised: Avoid Undermining the Legitimate Needs of Law Enforcement to Solve Crimes Involving the Internet in Amending the Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Kevin V. Ryan & Mark L. Krotoski


Trolling Attacks and the Need for New Approaches to Privacy Torts
Arthur Gaus

The Home not the Homeless: What the Fourth Amendment Has Historically Protected and Where the Law is Going After Jones
David Reichbach

Volume 47, Issue 1 (Summer 2012)


The Right to Silence in the Hague International Criminal Courts
Mark Berger

Everything that Requires Discovery Must Converge: A Counterintuitive Solution to a Class Action Paradox
Zachary W. Biesanz & Thomas H. Burt

The Alien Tort Statute: A Vehicle for Implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility
Mirela V. Hristova

Protecting Generation Z: A Brief Policy Argument Advocating Vicarious Liability for Internet Service Providers
Mark G. Materna


Mrs. Gay Meet Miss Poor: What the Gays Have Done for Poor People
Emily M. Cordell

State Trial Courts as the new Champions of the Great Writ: An Argument for a Statement of Decision in the Criminal Context
Ronald Quy Tran

BART's Unconstitutional Speech Restriction: Adapting Free Speech Principles to Absolute Wireless Censorship
Brandon Wiebe

Volume 46, Issue 4 (Spring 2012)


Judicial Magic: The Use of Dicta as Equitable Remedy
Foster Calhoun Johnson