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Faculty Workshops

As the USF School of Law marks 100 years of legal education, distinguished scholars from across the nation and USF’s own faculty will present research throughout the 2012–2013 academic year. From critical race theory to digital contracts to jurisprudence, USF faculty workshops explore today’s most pressing legal questions.

Centennial Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule 2012–2013

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
September 10 Payback: A Structural Analysis of the Credit Card Problem Andrea Freeman, Visiting Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law
September 24 Promoting Accuracy in the Use of Confession Evidence: An Argument for Pre-Trial Reliability Hearings to Prevent Wrongful Convictions Richard Leo, Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law
October 1      Contemplating Race and Law Rhonda Magee, Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law
October 10 Alone in a Sea of Voices: Isolation in Guantanamo and Other Detention Centers Through Language Barriers Peter Jan Honigsberg, Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law
October 17 The Devil Deep Down in the Hole—Why Law Fails in ‘The Wire’ John Denvir, Research Professor of Law and the Humanities, University of San Francisco School of Law
October 24 Boilerplate: The Fine Print, Vanishing Rights, and the Rule of Law Margaret Jane Radin, Henry King Ransom Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School
November 2 Will Marriage Make Gay and Lesbian Couples Less Egalitarian? A Cautionary Tale Vicki Schultz, Ford Foundation Professor of Law and Social Sciences, Yale Law School
November 7 Citizenship and Human Rights Gerald Torres, Bryant Smith Chair in Law, University of Texas School of Law
November 19 The Law of the World Scott Shapiro, Charles F. Southmayd Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy, Yale Law School
November 28 The Personhood Movement and ‘Roe v. Wade’ at 40 Maya Manian, Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law
January 13      TBD Dean Spade, Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University School of Law
March 20 TBD Patricia Williams, James L. Dohr Professor of Law, Columbia Law School
TBD TBD Deborah Rhode, Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule Spring 2012

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
January 19 Nothing Fancy: A Few Simple Truths About Truth in the Law Susan Haack, University of Miami School of Law
January 31 Promoting Our Scholarship Josh Davis
February 8 Comparative Law in China Lihong Zhang, East China University of Politics and Law in Shanghai, China
February 16 Transcending the Tacit Dimension: Patents, Relationships, and the Industrial Organization of Technology Transfer Peter Lee, UC Davis School of Law
February 29 Equality and Speech: The Gay Liberationist Perspective Shannon Gilreath, Wake Forest University School of Law
March 21 Caremark and the Failures of Antitrust Compliance Jesse Markham
March 28 Defying Conventional Wisdom: The Case for Private Antitrust Enforcement Josh Davis
April 4 What is a Lawyer? A Reconstruction of the Lawyer as An Officer of the Court Deborah Hussey Freeland
April 12 Balancing Deference: Appellate Review of Factual Adjudication by Administrative Agencies Michael Kagan, UNLV School of Law
April 18 Parents, Minors, and Minor Parents Maya Manian
April 25 Disclosure as Delaware's New Frontier? Reza Dibadj

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule Fall 2011

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
September 7 Prosecution Complex: America's Race to Convict and Its Impact on the Innocent Daniel Medwed, University of Utah S. J. Quinney College of Law
September 14 The Alliance Between Payday Lenders and Tribes: Are Both Tribal Sovereignty and Consumer Protection at Risk? Nathalie Martin, University of New Mexico School of Law
September 28 European Constitutionalism and Integration Revisited Jiri Priban, Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University, Wales
October 5 Minimalism and Experimentalism in the Administrative State William Simon, Columbia Law School and Visiting Professor at Stanford Law School
October 12 A Modest Proposal: The Aged of Death Row Should Be Deemed Too Old to Execute Elizabeth Rapaport, University of New Mexico and Visiting Professor, USF School of Law

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule Summer 2011

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
June 22 Jurisprudential Jujutsu and Positivism versus Purposivism: Argument and Empire Josh Davis
June 29 Sex-Based Discrimination & Low Wage Workers Tristin Green
July 13 Paved with Good Intentions: the Fate of Strict Liability Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act Kalyani Robbins, University of Akron
July 20 In Praise of Guile: The Lawyer as Trickster John Denvir
July 27 Sorting, Sifting, Weighing, Shifting: Analyzing the Functions of Same-Sex Marriage Litigation Julie Nice
August 3 Family Law, Functional Parenting and Teenage Pregnancy: Reforming Parental Involvement Legislation Maya Manian
August 17 Should You Dance with the One That Brought You: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Law Students Transferring to Higher Ranked Schools Bruce Price
August 24 Towards an Evidence-Based Discussion of the Full Benefits of Mindfulness for Lawyers Rhonda Magee

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule Spring 2011

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
January 19 100 Years a Vagrant: Persisting Uncertainties under the Antitrust Rule of Reason Jesse Markham
February 2 Teaching Property as Law: A Heuristic Approach to Reunifying Property Tim Iglesias
February 9 Championing the "Defenseless" and "Oppressed," Protecting "Widows and Children" Richard Abel, UCLA Law School
February 16 The Relationship of China to the International Criminal Court Ma He, East China University of Political Science and Law
March 2 Meet the USF Grant Team Renee Haddad and Laurie Treleven
March 16 The New-New Old-Old Thing:Using Antitrust to Limit Political Economies of Scale Zephyr Teachout, Fordham University School of Law
March 30 What’s Wrong with Gay Rights? Russell Robinson and Devon Carbado, UCLA School of Law
April 6 A New Grand Bargain for the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weaponss Jack Garvey
April 13 Corporations, Constitutional Rights, and Penumbras Reza Dibadj
April 27 "No Look" Attorneys’ Fees and the Attorneys Who Are Looking: An Empirical Analysis of Presumptively Approved Attorneys’ Fees in Ch. 13 Bankruptcies and a Modest Proposal For Reform. Bruce Price

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule Fall 2010

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
September 16 iPad and Other Technology in the Classroom Henry Brown
September 23 The Future of Systemic Disparate Treatment Law Tristin Green
September 30 Sustainable Development and the Ownership and Regulation of Groundwater Resources Yvonne Scannell
October 5 Carnegie Task Force Faculty Colloquium
October 14 Pity the Poor Lawyer: Michael Clayton on Professional Identity John Denvir
October 21 A Critique of Recent Philosophical Writings on Legal Ethics from the Perspective of Agency Law Charles Silver
October 28 What's Next with WestlawNext Ron Wheeler
November 4 Of Securities and Schemes Reza Dibadj
November 11 The Litigation State: Public Regulation and Private Lawsuits in the United States Sean Farhang (Assistant Professor, GSSP, UC Berkeley)
November 18 How do the Elderly Fare in Medical Malpractice Litigation, Before and After Tort Reform? Evidence from Texas, 1988-2007 David Hyman (Professor, University of Illinois College of Law)
December 12 The Political Turn in Administrative Law: Power, Rationality and Reason Jodi Short, Georgetown Law Center

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule Summer 2010

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
June 10 In Support of Aggregate Recoveries Josh Davis
June 17 Educating Lawyers to Meditate Rhonda Magee
June 24 Systemic Failure: Mental Illness, Detention, and Deportation Bill Hing
July 1 Halting, Altering and Agreeing: The Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Process as a Form of ADR Bruce Price
July 8 The Gatehouses and the Mansions: 50 Years Later Richard Leo
July 15 An Empirical Study of Trademarks as Keywords: Diversion, Confusion and Dilution David Franklyn
July 22 Human Rights Dictionary Connie de la Vega
July 29 Clarifying the Application of the federal Fair Housing Act to Private Residential Occupancy Standards Tim Iglesias
August 5 TBA
Susan Freiwald
August 12 Facial Challenges and the Face of Abortion Maya Manian
August 19 The Death Penalty in One California County: the Significance of Location Steve Shatz
August 26 Rising Oceans: The Human Dimension Alice Kaswan

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule Spring 2010

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
Feb. 9 China and the WTO: A Legal Perspective Xu Peng (International Visiting Professor)
March 16 An Uneasy Case for White Collar "Martyrs" Reza Dibadj
March 30 Video Clips from the Witness to Guantanamo Project, filmed in 6 countries Peter Honigsberg
April 6 Word Commons Thomas Main (Professor, McGeorge School of Law)
April 13 Does the Mortgage Crisis Create an Opening for Shared-Equity Homeownership to Scale Up? Tim Iglesias

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule – Fall 2009

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
Oct. 1 Collapse and Freedom Guest speaker: Gowri Ramachadran
Oct. 14 The War on Welfare and the State of Abandonment: Exploring Giorgi Agamben Connie de la Vega
Oct. 21 The Status of Corporate Accountability at the UN Joshua Davis
Oct. 28 A New Vessel for Containment of the Nuclear Genie; A Mandatory International Nuclear Forensics Data Bank Jack Garvey
Nov. 2 The Age of Chivalry is not Past: Prejudice and Paternalism in the California Death Penalty Steve Shatz and daughter, Naomi Shatz
Nov. 11 Criminal, Crime, or Mary Jane: Stigma, legislative lables and the Civil Case at the Heart of Civil Procedure Guest speaker: David Ball from Santa Clara
Nov. 18 Assessment Rhonda Magee

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule – Spring 2009

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
Feb. 10 To Fix the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime; Avoid the Folly of State Classification Jack Garvey
Feb. 17 Chinese Economic Reform and the Development of the Financial Law Xiling Jia
Feb. 24 Free Speech in Three Easy Steps: What's the Next Step? Joshua Davis
March 3 The Tension of Those Who Want An Independent, NGO-Sponsored Guantanamo Truth Commission (TC) and Those Who Want a Government-Sponsored TC Peter Honigsberg
March 17 "Is Too Big to Fall Just Plain Too Big? The Case For More Vigorous Antitrust Enforcement to Avert Catastrophic Failures" Jesse Markham
March 31 Tacit Cartels, Oligopolies, and the Problem of Conscious Parallelism Reza Dibadj
April 7 Labor Coalition Challenges to Governmental Action: Defending the Civil Rights of Low Wage Workers Maria Ontiveros
April 14 The Shifting Face of Facial Challenges Maya Manian

Brownbag Lunch Workshop Schedule – Fall 2008

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
Sept. 15 Creating an American Truth Commission for Guantanamo Peter Honigsberg
Sept. 22 A Cooperative Federalism Proposal for Climate Change Legislation: The Value of State Autonomy in a Federal System Alice Kaswan
Sept. 29 A Human Rights Paradigm for Employment Discrimination Maria Ontiveros
Oct. 13 The Ballooning Conception of "Plain Repugnancy" Under the Implied Repeal Doctrine, and the Balance Between Regulation and Antitrust Jesse Markham
Oct. 27 Not Hiding Behind Rodrigo: Toward An Integral Critical Response to Professor Subotnik Rhonda Magee
Nov. 3 Tacit Cartels, Oligopolies, and the Problem of Conscious Parallelism Reza Dibadj

Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Workshop Schedule – Fall 2008

Date Workshop Faculty Member(s)
Sept. 11 Laptops in the Classroom Various
Sept. 18 Fragmentation of International Law Marcel Szabó (Pázmány University)
Sept. 25 Dirty Harry on Due Process John Denvir
Oct. 2 TThe Intersection between Tort Law and Human Rights Desmond Ryan (Trinity College)
Oct. 9 Informed Consent and Abortion Decision-Making after Gonzales v. Carhart Maya Manian
Nov. 16 Networks of Heightened Scrutiny in Corporate Law Reza Dibadj