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Julie A. Nice

Herbst Foundation Professor of Law, and Dean's Circle Scholar

Professor Julie A. Nice joined the USF faculty in 2009 as the Herbst Foundation Professor of Law. She has received 12 awards for her law teaching, including the 2012 Distinguished Professor Award at USF. Nice focuses her scholarly work on constitutional law, poverty law, and sexuality law. She is the lead author of Poverty Law: Theory and Practice, and has written numerous articles. Nice previously served as the Delaney Professor of Law at the University of Denver, where she received numerous Professor of the Year for Teaching Excellence awards as well as the alumni's Robert B. Yegge Excellence in Teaching Award and the university's William T. Driscoll Master Educator Award. She previously taught as a clinical fellow at Northwestern University School of Law and as a visiting professor at University of Michigan School of Law and University of Connecticut School of Law. Before she began teaching, she was a public interest litigator at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago.

  • BS, Northwestern University
  • JD, Northwestern University
Prior Experience
  • Professor, University of Denver School of Law
  • Fellow, Northwestern University School of Law
  • Visiting Professor, University of Michigan School of Law
  • Visiting Professor, University of Connecticut School of Law
  • Trial Lawyer, Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago
  • Distinguished Professor Award, USF School of Law (2010, 2011, and 2012)
  • Best Equality Essay, Jotwell (2011)
"Texas Couple Travels to SF For Same-Sex Marriage; Hopes Laws Change"KTVU Channel 2 News04/28/15
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"Obama Moves to Repeal Same Sex Marriage Ban"KFSN ABC 30 (Fresno), KGTV ABC 10 News at 5 (San Diego), KOFY ABC 7 News at 9, KGO ABC 7 News at 11, KGO ABC 7 News at 5, KGO ABC 7 News at 6 (San Francisco)08/17/09
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"Courting Marriage Equality"Bay Area Reporter11/20/08
  • Poverty Law: Thoery and Practice (Eagan, Minn.: West, 1997).
Law Review and Journal Articles
  • "The Responsibility of Victory: Confronting the Systemic Subordination of LGBT Youth and Considering a Positive Role For the State," Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review (2014).
  • "Whither the Canaries?: On the Exclusion of Poor People from Equal Constitutional Protection," 60 Drake Law Review (2012).
  • "The Descent of the Responsible Procreation: A Genealogy of an Ideology," 45 Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review 781 (2012). SSRN
  • "How Equality Constitutes Liberty: The Alignment of CLS v. Martinez," 38 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 681 (2011). SSRN
  • "Forty Years of Welfare Policy Experimentation: No Acres, No Mule, No Politics, No Rights," 4 Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy 1 (2009). SSRN
  • "No Scrutiny Whatsoever: Deconstitutionalization of Poverty Law, Dual Rules of Law, and Dialogic Default," 35 Fordham Urban Law Journal 629 (2008). SSRN
  • "Promoting Marriage Experimentation: A Class Act?" 24 Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 31 (2007). SSRN
  • "Equal Protection's Antinomies and the Promise of a Co-Constitutive Approach," 85 Cornell Law Review (2000). SSRN
  • "The Emerging Third Strand in Equal Protection Jurisprudence: Recognizing the Co-Constitutive Nature of Rights and Classes," University of Illinois Law Review 101 (1999). (Reprinted in Civil Rights Litigation Annual Handbook, 2000.) SSRN
Book Contributions
  • "A Sweeping Refusal of Equal Protection: Dandridge v. Williams," in The Poverty of Law Canon  (University of Michigan Press, forthcoming).
  • "Poverty as an Everyday State of Exception," in Accumulating Insecurity: Violence and Dispossession in the Making of Everyday Life edited by Shelley Feldman, Charles Geisler, and Gayatri A. Menon (University of Georgia Press, 2011). SSRN
Opinion Pieces and Blog Posts
Other Publications
      Court Citation of Research
        • Presenter, "Griswold at 50: Reproductive Rights in Peril," sponsored by the USF Law chapters of the American Constitution Society and Law Students for Reproductive Justice, San Francisco (March 2015). (Nice presented an overview of the history and current status of reproductive rights.)
        • Presenter, "A Comparative History of the American Constitution Society and The Federalist Society," USF Chapter of the American Constitution Society, San Francisco, Calif. (February 2015).
        • Presenter, "Moving Beyond Marriage," University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco, Calif. (November 2014). (Sponsored by Pride Law)
        • Presenter, "Sex, Money, and Irrationality," Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles, Calif. (November 2014).
        • Presenter, "The Clash between Sexuality Rights and Religion Exemptions After Hobby Lobby," University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco, Calif. (October 2014). (Sponsored by Pride Law, Women's Law Association, and American Constitution Society.)
        • Presenter, "How Mass Incarceration Relates to Rights-Poverty," University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco, Calif. (October 2014). (Sponsored by Criminal Law Society & American Constitution Society.)
        • Presenter, "The Price of No Rights," University of Wisconsin School of Law, Madison, Wis. (October 2014).
        • Presenter, "Sex, Money, and Irrationality," Seattle University School of Law, Seattle, Wash. (October 2014).
        • Presenter, "Protecting the Rights of Students and Student Organizations in Public Schools," "American Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Webinar," (June 2014).
        • Presenter, "Coding, Mapping, and Mashing Up: Analytical Collaboration in Action," Northwestern University School of Law and Institute for Law Teaching "What the Best Law Teachers Do conference," Chicago, Ill. (June 2014).
        • Presenter, "Race, Class, and the Legal Perpetuation of Subordination: Historical Reflections and Modern Trends," "Law and Society Association Annual Meeting," Minneapolis, Minn. (May 2014).
        • Moderator, "Presentation as part of Author-Meets-Reader panel on Ruthann Robson’s book 'Dressing Constitutionally'," Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN (May 2014).
        • Presenter, "What Is Sexuality Law? The Linkages between Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Reproductive Justice," University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco, Calif. (March 2014).
        • Panelist, "Segregation after Brown v. Board of Education: The Issue of Self-Segregation in Today's Society," University of San Francisco School of Law "Student Bar Association Diversity Committee," San Francisco, Calif. (February 2014).
        • Presenter, "The Constitutional Rights of LGBT Youth in Public Schools," American Bar Association Conference, Chicago, Ill. (February 2014).
        • Presenter, "A Conversation about Vulnerability and Law," University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco, Calif. (February 2014).
        • Presenter, "The Intersection between LGBT and Reproductive Rights," The West Regional Conference of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, San Francisco, Calif. (January 2014).
        • Presenter, "'Marriage, Momentum, and More' PrideLaw," University of San Francisco, "Prop. 8 Update," San Francisco, Calf. (November 2013).
        • Presenter, "The Hardening of Stratification within Legal Education," Southwestern Law School, "ClassCrits Conference," Los Angeles, Calif. (November 2013).
        • Presenter, "Class, Sexuality, Youth, and the Role of the State," LGBT Youth: Reconciling Pride, Family, and Community, Philadelphia, Pa. (October 2013).
        • Presenter, "The Legacy of Dandridge v. Williams," Symposium on Poverty Law: Cases, Teaching, and Scholarship, Washington D.C. (October 2013).
        • Presenter, "The Constitutional Implications of Cyberbullying Laws," American Bar Association Teleconference, (September 2013).
        • Presenter, "Considering Religious Exemptions in the Context of Constitutional Commitments to Liberty and Equality," National LGBT Bar Association, "Lavender Law Conference," San Francisco, Calif. (August 2013).
        • Panelist, "The Poverty State," Law and Society Association, "Annual Meeting," Boston, Mass. (May 2013).
        • Presenter, "Equality before the Supreme Court: United States v. Windsor and the Defense of Marriage Act," University of San Francisco Pride Law Association, (April 2013).
        • Presenter, "Affirmative Action After Fisher v. University of Texas," University of San Francisco American Constitution Society, Black Law Students Association, and La Raza Students Association, (February 2013). (Co-presented with Professor John Adler.)
        • Moderator, "Affirmative Action: Beyond the Classroom," University of San Francisco Law Review Symposium, "The Future of Affirmative Action After Fisher," (February 2013).
        • Presenter, "Seneca Falls, Selma, and Stonewall: Exploring Diversity Through the Lens of Intersectionality," University of San Francisco School of Law Student Bar Association's Diversity Week, (January 2013).
        • Presenter, "The Price of No Rights," University of Wisconsin Law School ClassCrits V Workshop, "From Madison to Zuccotti Park: Confronting Class and Reclaiming the American Dream," Madison, Wis. (November 2012).
        • Presenter, "The Season for Gay Rights? A Discussion of Emerging Constitutional Law," Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center, "Elizabeth J. Cabraser 2012 Summer Brown Bag Lectures in Public Interest Law," San Francisco, Calif. (July 2012). (Co-presented with Amy Whelan and Claudia Center via Skype.)
        • Moderator, "Comparative Mobilization for LGBT Rights," 2012 International Conference on Law and Society, Honolulu, Hawaii (June 2012).
        • Moderator, "Economic Injustice and Momentary Unrest," 2012 International Conference on Law and Society, Honolulu, Hawaii (June 2012).
        • Presenter, "Fisher v. Texas: The End of Affirmative Action?" American Constitution Society Panel, University of San Francisco School of Law (April 2012).
        • Presenter, "Whither the Canaries?" Drake Law School 2012 Constitutional Law Center Symposium, "Constitutionalism and the Poor," Des Moines, Iowa (April 2012).
        • Presenter, "Systematic Barriers to Justice for the New Poor," 14th Annual Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Retreat, "Fighting Poverty and Inequality: Social Justice Lawyering in a Time of Change," San Francisco, Calif. (March 2012).
        • Panelist, "Beyond Prop 8—A Discussion of the Current Legal Treatment of Same-Sex Partners and Spouses," University of San Francisco School of Law (January 2012).
        • Presenter, "The Ideology of Responsible Procreation: Producing LGBT Identity," Loyola Law School's Symposium "LGBT Identity and the Law," Los Angeles, Calif. (October 2011).
        • Presenter, "The Multiplier Effect of Public Interest Law Teaching and Lawyering," Bluhm Legal Clinic Open House, Northwestern University's 2011 Alumni Community Day, Chicago, Ill. (October 2011).
        • Presenter, "Whither the Canaries?" American University, Washington College of Law's "Criminalizing Economic Inequality," Washington, D.C. (September 2011).
        • Presenter, "Successes and Failures of Mobilization by Non-State Legal Actors," Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association, San Francisco, Calif. (June 2011).
        • Presenter, "An Introduction to Constitutional Law in the United States," University of San Francisco School of Law "Lecture for Thai Students Visiting USF," (April 2011).
        • Presenter, "Public Interest Law at USF," University of San Francisco School of Law "Spring Reception for Admitted Students," (April 2011). (Nice co-presented with Carmen Franklin, a USF School of Law student.)
        • Presenter, "Social Welfare Rights," Global Poverty Panel and Hunger Banquet, University of San Francisco School of Law, (February 2011).
        • Presenter, "Beyond Equality," Fourth West Coast Law and Society Retreat at Southwestern Law School, Los Angeles, Calif. (February 2011).
        • Moderator, "Prop 8 Update," University of San Francisco School of Law Panel, (November 2010).
        • Presenter, "The Constitution on Campus: The Case of Christian Legal Society v. Martinez," UC Hastings College of Law Symposium, sponsored by the UC Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, San Francisco, Calif. (October 2010).
        • Presenter, "A Comparative Consideration of Social Welfare Rights," 2010 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association "Motherhood, Welfare, and Work," Chicago, Ill. (May 2010). (Nice developed a new course on this topic that she taught abroad in June 2010.)
        • Presenter, "What the 'Responsible Procreation' Canard Reveals About How Rights Matter," University of San Francisco Law Review Symposium "The Future of Same-Sex Marriage," (February 2010).
        • Presenter, University of San Francisco School of Law Constitution Day, (September 2009). (Prof. Nice discussed the U.S. Supreme Court selection process and Justice Sonia Sotomayor with professors John Adler and Maria Ontiveros)
        • Presenter, "Prop. 8, Rights Stripping, and Marriage Mobilization," 2009 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association "Law, Power, and Inequality in the 21st Century," Denver, Colo. (May 2009).
        • Presenter, "The War on Welfare: Securing Insecurity," Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. (April 2009).
        • Moderator, "From Gay to Questioning: The True Rainbow of the LGBTQQI Community," University of San Francisco School of Law, (March 2009).
        • Presenter, University of San Francisco, Justice Forum, (November 2008). (Nice addressed abortion, guns, immigration, property rights, same-sex marriage, and welfare, exploring how constitutional law shapes these rights and the role of social movements in constitutional change.)
        • Presenter, "The Future of the Supreme Court," University of San Francisco School of Law, (October 2008). (Prof. Nice presented with professors John Adler and Maya Manian. The event was sponsored by Law Students for Reproductive Justice, American Constitution Society, and Pride Law.)
        Testimony and Hearings
          Written Testimony and Commentary
            Advisor or Consultant
                Symposia Organization
                • Faculty Advisor, University of San Francisco Law Review Symposium "The Future of Same-Sex Marriage," (February 2010).
                Professional Membership
                • Member, Order of the Coif's Book Award Selection Committee (appointed in June 2010).
                  Other Service
                  • Interviewed by KGO about the Utah same-sex marriage lawsuit.
                  • Interview with Al Jazeera reporter regarding Supreme Court arguments in case challenging Michigan's ban on affirmative action
                  • Interview on KCBS Radio's "In-Depth" show, regarding the new Supreme Court term
                  • Teacher, "Comparative LGBT Rights," University of Barcelona (July 2012). (Taught course in conjunction with UC Los Angeles' Williams Institute.)
                  • Faculty Advisor, Global Justice Advocacy Program
                  • Faculty Advisor, Pride Law