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"Cambodia’s Overdue Land Reforms"East Asia Forum08/09/12
"The New Cambodian Civil Code"East Asia Forum02/16/12
"Global Ambitions"The Recorder08/15/08
  • Prosecutorial and Judicial Misconduct (California Continuing Education of the Bar, 1979).
Law Review and Journal Articles
  • "Homicide in Ethiopia: Human Rights, Federalism, and Legal Pluralism," 51 American Journal of Comparative Law 505 (2003). (Co-authored with Getachew Assefa.)
  • "The Judicial Duty to Protect and Enforce Constitutional Rights of Accused Persons Unrepresented by Counsel," 1 Ethiopian Law Review  27 (2002).
  • "Codification in Developing Nations: Ritual and Symbol in Cambodia and Indonesia," 31 UC Davis Law Review 693 (1998). (Symposium Issue: "Codification in the 21st Century")
  • "Cambodia: Building a Legal System from Scratch," 27 International Lawyer 445 (1993).
  • "The Structure of the Chinese Criminal Justice System: A Comparative Perspective," 21 University of San Francisco Law Review 229 (1987). (Symposium Issue: "Chinese Law")
  • "Informers Revisited: Government Surveillance of Domestic Political Organizations and the Fourth and First Amendments," 33 Buffalo Law Review 333 (1984).
Book Contributions
  • "Cambodia," in The Commercial Laws of East Asia edited by Alan S. Gutterman and Robert Brown, 81 (Hong Kong: Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 1997). (Co-authored with Jeffrey S. Brand.)
  • "The Cambodian Legal System: An Overview," in Rebuilding Cambodia: Human Resources, Human Rights, and Law: Three Essays edited by Frederick Z. Brown, 69 (Washington, DC: Foreign Policy Institute, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 1993).
Opinion Pieces and Blog Posts
Other Publications
      Court Citation of Research
        • Presenter, "Comparative U.S. and Chinese Legal Education," East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, China (October 2012).
        • Presenter, "The Chain of Legal Command:  Regional and Country-Specific Considerations for Counter-Trafficking Program Design," Asia Foundation, "Trafficking in Persons Workshop: Capturing Lessons Learned, Charting the Way Forward," Kathmandu, Nepal (September 2012).
        • Presenter, "Human Trafficking: Slavery 2012," Commonwealth Club of California Middle East Forum, San Francisco, Calif. (April 2012). (Co-presented with David Batstone, Mimi Chakarova, and Joel Brinkley.)
        • Presenter, "Human Rights in Action: Counter-Trafficking in Haiti," Port-au-Prince, Haiti (December 2011).
        • Presenter, "Comparative U.S. and Chinese Legal Education," East China University of Politics and Law, Shanghai, China (October 2011).
        • Presenter, "Comparative Constitutional Law: Cambodia, France, and the U.S.," Build Bright University, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (June 2011).
        • Panelist, "Legal Education in the U.S.," National Law School, Bangalore, India (November 2010).
        • Panelist, "American Legal Education," Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand (November 2010).
        • Presenter, "USF School of Law and its JD and LLM programs," University of Herat, Herat, Afghanistan (November 2010).
        • Moderator, University of San Francisco Teach-In panel on humanitarian aid, (April 2010).
        • Presenter, East China University of Politics and Law, Shanghai, China (November 2009). (Donovan delivered a lecture on American legal education.)
        • Presenter, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand (November 2009). (Donovan presented a talk on comparative Thai-U.S. legal education.)
        • Presenter, "International Development as Human Rights Lawyering," 2009 Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Retreat, "Global Social Justice Lawyering" at Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif. (February 2009).
        • Presenter, "Legal Education and Legal Practice: China and the United States," East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, China (November 2008).
        • Presenter, "A Comparison of Legal Education in Thailand and the United States," University of San Francisco Regional Office for International Relations, Bangkok, Thailand (November 2008).
        • Presenter, "Graduate Legal Education in India and the United States," India (November 2008).
        • Presenter, "International Development as Human Rights Lawyering," Stanford Law School, 11th Annual Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Retreat, Palo Alto (February 2008).
        • Presenter, "The Rule of Law and Human Rights in the U.S. after 9/11," at the "International Legal Conference on Terrorism, Human Security and Development: Human Rights Perspectives," Hong Kong, China (October 2007).
        • Presenter, "The Child Support Enforcement Act, Public Law 93-647," San Francisco (November 1976).
        • Panelist, "Women in Legal Education," San Francisco Bar Association, (1979).
        • Presenter, Family Law Seminars: "Dividing the Family Residence," (July and April 1979).
        • Presenter, "Forced Visitation," (February 1976).
        • Panelist, "Criminal Law Practice," University of San Francisco Phi Alpha Delta, (1976).
        • Panelist, "Employment Interviews and the Woman Law Student," University of San Francisco School of Law, (1975).
        • Panelist, "Women Law Students and the First-Year Experience," University of San Francisco School of Law, (1975, 1979, 1980).
        Testimony and Hearings
          Written Testimony and Commentary
            Advisor or Consultant
                Symposia Organization
                  Professional Membership
                  • Member, Executive Committee of the Association of American Law Schools' Section on Post-Graduate Legal Education (2012).
                  • Member, Association of American Law School's Executive Committee on International Legal Exchanges.
                  • Member, Center for Justice and Reconciliation (CJR) Board (2009 to present). (CJR is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization based in Phnom Penh that promotes justice, reconciliation, and democratic values in Cambodia.))
                  • Member, International Advisory Committee of the Jindal Global Law School in India (2008, 2009).
                    Other Service
                    • Conference Chair, “Human Rights in Action: Counter-Trafficking in Haiti,” Port-au-Prince, Haiti (December 2011).
                    • Donovan organized a two-week visit for a delegation of 26 Thai students and faculty from Assumption University (April 2010).
                    • Donovan organized a two-week visit for a delegation of 22 LLM students and law faculty from Assumption University in Thailand (April 2009).