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DJ Show Descriptions

Tune into DJ Alex's show TUESDAYS FROM 9-10 PM for an eclectic blend of folk, blues and indie rock with a dash of awkward banter. Thanks for listening :)



Ali & DavidALI & DAVID
Ali & David host The Dali Show AKA Alphabet Soup AKA The Cooolest Show You'll Ever Hear on Sunday Night. Ali is from a vague part of California South of the Bay Area, longs for the return of the disposable camera, and is a piano virtuoso, as long as she's playing "The Entertainer". David spends his time misplacing things, trying to figure out how to rock a leather jacket, and annoying his brothers by playing the drums badly. He is from Los Angeles. These two goofballs host a show with somewhat obnoxious, inconveniently restrictive, and spontaneously combustible rules, which will be followed to the letter, unless they are not. Tune in anyway. It'll be a blast. 

Annimal is a vinyl enthusiast. She spins punk rock, garage, post punk, math rock, indie rock and surf. Up the punx by tuning in Friday evenings 5-7!

AVI, an electronic music enthusiast, creates a weekly mix of genres that range from Drum & Bass, Hardstyle, Melbourne Bounce, Trance, Trap, and everything in between.  If you want to listen to up and coming artists, brand new releases, and personal favorites, tune in every Thursday night from 8:30 - 10pm! For more mixes & mashups visit his SoundCloud page at www.soundcloud.com/djxcyte


Hey y'all! This is DJ Brittany C, on air every Saturday at 7-8:30 at night. The show is a casual mix of songs to match the mood of the week that I'm feeling, and hope to share with you all for the time being. Some of the music you will hear includes, but isn't limited to: Broadway, Top 40, Indie, Alternative, Pop-Punk, and K-Pop, so tune in and, as K.Will says, "lay back, lay back~". 

DJ Countess takes you on a mildly wild ride filled with smooth jams (while she holds a jar of jam), interviews with artists ranging from Ice Cube to Nancy Pelosi, and reminisces about the good ol’ days when she used to kick it with Tupac and her Doggfather, Snoop Dogg. Tune in every Thursday night from 9:30-11:30 PM or else you hate your mom!! :)


DJ crazyfastskills plays a different genre each show. Starting off the set list with a couple francais chansons (french songs) to broaden your genre horizons. Tune in every Tues from 11:30a - 1:30pm during your lunch break to escape your daily routine. Follow and make requests at facebook.com/djcrazyfastskills or on twitter @ACrazyBear.

DJ Dom

DJ Dom's Groove Hour, he'll be spinning Soul, Funk, and Rare Groove. From Classic to Modern Soul, American to Brazilian, DJ Dom tries to play only vinyl, but sometimes has to resort to CD's or digital to bring listeners those ultra-rare cuts that are a must. Prioritizing California and specifically Bay Area records, the Groove Hour's goal is to expose listeners to the dusty artifacts and unheard gems of groove out there.
For DJ Dom's sets, check out www.mixcloud.com/dj-dom/  

D[ella]JAYES has a show every Wednesday from 4PM-5PM! This show features old and current music, but if you wanna know what genre I guess you're gonna have to LISTEN! 



Want to get inside the Foghorn office? Want to preview stories and events? Want to hear special guests interviewed live? Then tune in every Thursday from 4:30-5:00 p.m. for Foghorn Live! Every week, members of the Foghorn staff, writers, and special guests inform you about what’s happening on campus and around the City. We’ll let you know what happened in the newsroom, and how the USF community is responding to our breaking news. 
Tom Flippin FLIP
Flip makes a nuthouse out of the studio! He brings you everything from smooth blues jams to formulaic rock ballads oozing with emotion to ear-crunching, speaker-destroying, brain-melting… Uh, other jams. And Zappa. Tune in on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm for some epic licks! 


The Ghost Host, who has been known to morph into different creatures —such as the Black Cat, the Ballroom Ghost, the Raven, the Spanish Professor, the Aging Man or the Egyptian Lady, to name a few—, lives in the Haunted House (La casa encantada). There he hears voices from the past speaking in tongues. He discovered a treasure of old records with moldy dusty grooves hidden in a crypt and covered by cobwebs, which is what you will hear at the House. Beware of bizarre spells in chants from all around the world, bewitching songs with such absurd names as rumbas, cumbias, mambos, guarachas, soukous, bulerías, bombas, guajiras, plenas, fox-trots, hot dances, hulas, tamures, ragas, and many many more. Abandon all hope ye who enter here, and put on your dancing shoes!
Hannah plays everything from the blues to 60s rock to reggae to 70s punk to 80s new wave to contemporary artists. A listener has once described Hannah as "if the DJs from American Graffiti and Reservoir Dogs had a baby...that's this chick." So make sure to tune in to Left of the Dial Wednesday 2-3pm!


DJ Jen plays the strangest blend of alternative rock, Brit pop, and oldies. Also in the mix you’ll hear a handful of self-deprecating anecdotes thrown in for flavor.




Early morning blues getting you down? Well stop nursing your coffee cup and send a song request to DJ Juls’s show! Providing you with a melodic cure to get you through the day, you’ll have to tune in to hear what wildcard of mixes will be played next. DJ Juls is studying abroad, but will be back soon!
DJ Justiños hand-selects every tune to showcase new music, local bands, face-melting guitar, or just to get your booty shaking.  Hailing from the moist and flavorful depths of the Pacific Northwest, this half Yeti/half Man will blow your speakers AND your mind! From glitch to twee, ska to grindcore, Madonna to Mastadon, you won't be disappointed! 

Music Director playing all the hits; focusing especially on current music recently added to the music library. Tune in for his wacky semantics and the occasional phone call to his Grandma.



If your life is lacking a bit of edge and if you need a little bit of butt-kicking, tune into DJ MAHDMAN's (pronounced mod-man) metal show featuring multiple genres of heavy metal, including classic heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal, black metal, progressive metal, power metal, folk metal, speed metal, and even post-progressive symphonic blackened melodic deathcore with Spanish influences. Occasionally, the show becomes Trance Tuesday, featuring beautiful tunes and breakneck trance and electronic music. Be sure to follow Mike H.A. Davis on Facebook for more information!


Don't miss seeing your next favorite bands. Tune in to Show Broke Radio on Thursdays from 5-7pm PST to stay in touch with the best bands coming to play in the bay area. 




Here to bring you exactly what college students these days are listening to: from their Rolling Beatles, Arctic Vampires, Weekend Monkeys, and everything in between. Tune in, listen to some cool tunes, stay updated on new albums, tours, and other music related news!

Playing mostly bands off of smaller labels, the show is a nice mix of new and old. It can be emotional, but it could also not be. Whatever you want. Anyway, this is a show that you can listen to!



DJ Pagina (paw-hee-nah you schmucks) offers your eardrums an array of garage, psychedelic, and surf rock & roll from Davila 666 to Man or Astroman? to USF's one and only Ty Segall. It's guaranteed to blow the mind or just make you wanna hit stuff. Tune in for DJ Pagina's new show with DJ Claire on the Air. Teenage angst sold separately.   

Presley 2Presley
Take a lunch break and tune in for salacious sounds with sensational commentary. Listen Mondays from 1:30-2:30pm for an hour of the deepest house and  most melodic electronica.


Matt (or DJ Radd, if we want to get technical) plays music that he thinks you might like. Folk, Punk, Folk-Punk, Rap, Folk-Punk-Rap if that exists, whatever's sounding rad(d). You never know what he might find, or what you might hear. He plays that music that makes you all like, "You know what? I'm okay with this." So tune in if you want to listen to some awesome music and hear some dude say "dude" a lot on air. Playing that good stuff Tuesdays from 2:00 to 3:30 PM.
DJ Sarah Bella plays everything from lofi punk to indie alternative to acoustic folk to electronic dream wave. Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00. I am the awkward sophomore with the knuckle tattoos and ear phones on. Tug my ear phones off and talk music with me! If you listen to my show (and KUSF in general) I will give you a piece of pie.   


Welcome to the Double Creature Feature with DJ Spevin Kasey. We're exploring movies through music; finding tracks that jive with the emotions that films inspire within us. Each week is a new film and a new emotional landscape. Come join us at the late night, double-feature picture show. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT FROM 8:30-10:00. If you're interested in what DJ Spevin Kasey is watching, check out http://quentintarantivo.tumblr.com for an up-to-date list of all movies watched in 2014. 

DJ Sweet T plays the sweetest tunes to brighten up your day ever Thursday afternoon from 11- 1 pm. No genre is discriminated against here and, when Sweet T is on, the age of a song matters not. Enjoyable and charming commentary shall also be provided. Tune in! 


 Victor Valle F14VICTOR VALLE
Every SUNDAY from 6-8PM, Victor Casillas Valle, music journalist & artist manager, will bring you the best in local, national and international tunes on M.A.C. (music, arts and culture) Radio . Tune in to listen to interviews with local + touring musicians and artists, some news, and other arts & culture events (in addition to some funky tunes). Don't miss out!