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The Young Adult and Children's Books of Joyce Carol Oates

"Young adults do change rapidly; they are enormously impressionable, and subject to influences both good and bad. In this genre, I would never involve adolescent characters in the sort of extreme, often tragic situations that seem quite plausible, if not inevitable, in adult fiction."

Two Or Three Things I Forgot To Tell You"The young adult genre is for me an arena in which to dramatize ethical issues in a manner that would be too obvious or obtrusive for 'adult fiction'; also, it's a genre that allows for quite plausible happy endings/positive resolutions."

—Joyce Carol Oates, Interviewed by Greg Johnson, Michigan Quarterly Review

Young Adult



  • Naughty Chérie! / 2008
  • Where Is Little Reynard? / 2003
  • Come Meet Muffin! / 1998