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Ontario Review, Spring/Summer 2008, No. 68

Ontario Review 68Personal Essay


  • Stellar Kim, "Afterglow"
  • David Joiner, "Like Smoke" from Burning Green Sun
  • Andrea Marcusa, "Donors"
  • L.E. Usher, "Susie on a Sunday"
  • Matthew Dulany, "Maternity Leave"
  • Adam Braver, "The Oath of Office"
  • Wally Lamb, "From The Hour I First Believed"
  • Edith Pearlman, "The Little Wife"
  • Sheila Kohler, "Night at the Grand Hotel"
  • Karl Jirgens, "Watch. Watching"
  • Mary Marsh, "Interior Design"


  • Albert Goldbarth, "The Thin Glass Stems of Insertion," "To This"
  • Anita Barrows, "Poem in Time of War, 2006"
  • Elizabeth Murawski, "Minghun," "Hearts," "Lament"
  • John Kinsella, "Rapture: South Branch Mortlock River, Doodenanning," "Canto of the Dry River Empyrean (30)," "Rapture 6: The Crescent of Little Beach"
  • Robert Cording, "Chances"
  • Dick Allen, "As Sure as Night Is Dark and Day Is Light," "Slights"
  • Michael Goldman, "For a Moment You Are Nowhere," "Flag," "Nut," "Window"
  • Joan Murray, "What Was Expected," "Tomma and Sandy"
  • Tracy Jo Barnwell, "Hare Song," "Descent"
  • Ronald Wallace, "Mrs. Grossheim's, 1955," "Never Again"
  • Jeff Friedman, "Bust," "Working in Flour"
  • Paula Bohince, "Mechanical Horse with Girl and Bees"
  • Denver Butson, "The Amusement Park of Natural Disasters"

Watercolors by Matthew Daub

  • Afternoon Shower: Jackson, Wyoming; Old 22; February Night; Walnuttown, Pennsylvania; Elm Street: Late Afternoon; Hex Highway; Bridge; Gifts;


  • Matthew Daub, Foundry, watercolor, 30"x22" 2006, private collection