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Ontario Review, Spring/Summer 1996, No. 44

Ontario Review 44Fiction:


  • Stanley Plumly, "Woman Drowns After Slipping from Floating Refrigerator", "Farragut North", "State Birds" 
  • Albert Goldbarth, "Meop" 
  • Jana Harris, from Simple Gifts 
  • John Updike, "A Wound Posthumously Inflicted"
  • Laurence Goldstein, "Who Am I?", "Eutopia"
  • David Mason", "Adam Speaks" 
  • Donald Hall, "Michelangelo's Rival" 
  • Eamon Grennan, "Love Bites" 
  • Suzanne Paola, "Vishnu Savannah" 
  • Tom Chandler, "Grandfather Courts Gramma Ruby", "Gramma Ruby's Parrot", "Quadriplegic"
  • Robert Phillips, "Hounds", "Never Date Yourself"


  • Peter Goodliffe, Portfolio: Sicily 


  • photograph by Peter Goodliffe


From Deer Season
C. E. Poverman

They were still arguing. It started three days ago when she'd come into his place, stamping the snow off her cowboy boots outside the door, and found Kurt cleaning his rifle. She froze at the sight of the thirty-thirty, declared she hated guns, had no idea he owned one, doubted she could have been seeing a man who kept a gun.

He laughed. She wasn't joking. He said, "Well, then, it's been a good test for your preconceptions about people, because you've been seeing me for six months and it's been whatever it's been between us and the rifle's been in the closet the whole time."

She said he'd kept it from her and she'd have to reconsider everything, everything in light of this.

And he said, "In light of what, my having the rifle itself, or keeping it from you, which I didn't do, or what?"

"All of it," she said, "just everything." And of course he'd kept it from her--he hadn't talked about it, had he?

He laughed again and said, "No, I haven't kept anything from you, it just wasn't deer season." She left without another word and he finished cleaning his rifle....

From That Song You Know the One About Love
Denise Duhamel

When Kyle told me he was gay it was like this I was in bed with a book waiting for his call he was always late lately which made me start to nag and complain like a wife because he was always with Mel this tall lanky redhead who was an androgynous girl androgyny was really in then what with Boy George and Annie Lenox but I had fifties' breasts and hips and long fuzzy hair and a closet full of dresses from the Salvation Army near Fenway Park Kyle was into fashion and Broadway show tunes which should have been my two clues right there I used to joke later but I was so young then twenty or so and Kyle was only eighteen and my gay friends from college were all so obvious drag queens or leather studs and Kyle was kind of all-American and uptight about everything our sex had to be clean and not very often his clothes were ironed with creases down pant legs....