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Ontario Review, Fall/Winter 1995-96, No. 43

Ontario Review 43Fiction

  • Mary Swan, "By the Sea, By the Sea"
  • Melanie Rae Thon, "Xmas, Jamaica Plain"
  • Edmund Keeley, from Some Wine for Remembrance
  • Michael Hyde, "People's Choice"
  • Steve Yates, "The War Is Won"


  • William Heyen, "Legend," "The Leatherstocking Tales," "The Streams," "After-Image"
  • David Ignatow, "Because"
  • Tom Wayman, "The Death of the Clown," "The Burial of the Clown," "The Monument to the Clown"
  • Rennie McQuilkin, "The Collecting"
  • Frederick Tibbetts, "The Presence of Forces"
  • Sharon Olds, "The Defense," "The Hand," "The Pediatrician Retires"
  • Lynne Knight, "These Are the Conditions, Then"
  • Gabriel Spera, "Work Boots," "Vacation in Stone Harbor"


  • Bill Burke, "Cambodia"
  • Nancy Van Goethem, "American Women"


  • Betty Fussell, "The Eyes Have It"


  • from "American Women," oil painting by Nancy Van Goethem