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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Text and Criticism

Ontario Review, Spring/Summer 1994, No. 40

Ontario Review 40Fiction

  • Maxine Kumin, The Match
  • Jewel Mogan, X and O
  • B. Douglas Trevor, Brother Love


  • John Updike, In the Cemetery High Above Shillington
  • Brooks Haxton, Saturday
  • Lynn McGee, Incognito, And Not & Other Poems
  • Albert Goldbarth, In Praise of the Bathos
  • Page Dougherty Delano, Going to China Girls, The Agit-Prop Train V.I.Lenin No. 1, Not Everybody Loves a Uniform
  • Gregory Orr, House of Childhood, A Moment, Everything
  • Robert Phillips, Breakdown Lane


  • Earl G. Ingersoll, Writing for Balance: A Conversation with Doris Lessing


  • Peter Goodliffe, Portfolio


  • Scotland, July 1979, by Peter Goodliffe