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Ontario Review, Fall/Winter 1993-94, No. 39

Ontario Review 39Poetry

  • Annie Dillard, The Muse and the Poet, The Naturalist at Large on the Delaware River, An Acquaintance in the Heavens, I Think Continually of THose Who Went Truly Ape, Free Fall
  • Daniel Halpern, Homage to N. (after Chekhov)
  • Alicia Ostriker, Mark Rothko: Three Painting, Woodland Spring
  • Hayden Carruth, Folk Song: On the Road Again, Swept
  • Nicholas Christopher, Cornelia Street: 6 A.M., Railroad Bridge, Far from Home, Bees
  • Greg Johnson, Last Request
  • Jana Harris, from Oh How Can I Keep on Singing?
  • William Heyen, Among the Stars, Eidolons, The Meeting, The Shopper
  • Gray Jacobik, Pace, Stones and Soil, Walking to an Eight O'Clock Class
  • Eamon Grennan, Outing, Such a State
  • John R. Reed, Bible Studies, By Huron
  • Denise Duhamel, Making Money, The Ugly Step Sister
  • Constance Urdang, Reincarnation, Goodbye: 1992


  • Joyce Carol Oates, The Rehearsal


  • Cathy N. Davidson, Night Moves


  • Pinckney Benedict, Prologue to Dogs of God


  • From Oh How Can I Keep Singing? by Jana Harris


  • Davis Wagon Train en route to the Okanogan Valley, Weed, California, May 1888 (courtesy of Georgene Davis Fitzgerald and the Davis Family)