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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Text and Criticism

Ontario Review, Spring/Summer 1992, No. 36

Ontario Review 36Fiction

  • Josephine Jacobsen, The Visitors
  • Garnett Kilberg, From an Eyelash
  • James Spencer, The Lufbery Circle
  • Roly Teda, Groundhog Day
  • H. E. Francis, The Geography of Fear


  • Albert Goldbarth, Gallery, A World Above Suffering
  • Tess Gallagher, Like the Sigh of Women's Hair, Kiss Without a Body
  • Alicia Ostriker, Middle-Aged Woman at a Pond
  • Lucia Maria Perillo, Skin, For the Female Serial Killers
  • Jana Harris, Slippage, Avalanche
  • Lynn McGee, How He Got There, Brick
  • Jon Davis, The Rebel Makes His Stand Before Leaving
  • Philip Booth, Long Story, Guide
  • Tom Wayman, The Man Who Logged the West Ridge
  • Michael Atkinson, The Same Troubles with Beauty You've Always Had, Overnight Tank
  • David Clewell, Carnival Heaven


  • Roger Pfingston, Bloomington, Indiana, 1988/89


  • photo by Roger Pfingston