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Ontario Review, Fall/Winter 1991-92, No. 35

Ontario Review 35Fiction

  • Alison Baker, Clearwater and Latissimus
  • Russel Banks, from The Sweet Hereafter
  • Alice Adams, The Islands
  • C. E. Poverman, The Man Who Died


  • Ira Sadoff, Three Poems
  • John Updike, Two Poems
  • Daniel Halpern, from Foreign Neon
  • Walter McDonald, Two Poems
  • X. J. Kennedy, The Waterbury Cross and Other Poems
  • Bruce Beasley, Sacrifice
  • James McCorkle, Syrinx


  • Joyce Carol Oates, from The Secret Mirror


  • Emmet Gowin, Portfolio


  • Edith, 1986 by Emmet Gowin