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Ontario Review, Spring/Summer 1991, No. 34

Ontario Review 34Fiction

  • Melanie Rae Thon, Snake River
  • Pinckney Benedict, The Wrecking Yard
  • Nanci Kincaid, Can't Speak for the Sky
  • Roly Teda, Sentences
  • Ayla Nutku Bachman, Blood Brothers


  • Nicholas Samaras, Three Poems
  • Michael Stephens, Hong's Geese
  • Jana Harris, The Temple of My Discontent
  • Albert Goldbarth, Sumerian Votive Figurines
  • Constance Urdang, The Old Wives' Tale
  • Laurence Goldstein, Two Poems
  • Eugene McNamara, Two Poems
  • J. P. White, Three Poems
  • Elisabeth Harvor, Burning Hammock, 1917


  • Carolyn Plochmann, Portfolio


  • Reg Saner, Flag Memoir


  • East Village (1988) by Carolyn Plochmann