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Ontario Review, Spring/Summer 1990, No. 32

Ontario Review 32Interview

  • Earl G. Ingersoll, Waltzing Again: A Conversation with Margaret Atwood


  • Nicholas McDowell, Look at the Animals
  • Abby Frucht, Throne of Blood
  • Jana Harris, Slither
  • David Cates, Dakota Crossing
  • Tracy Daugherty, Assailable Character


  • Reynolds Price, Three Dead Voices
  • Eamon Grennan, Two Poems
  • Lynn McGee, Drifting
  • Albert Goldbarth, Spies (Spies? Spies.)
  • Dan Masterson, Two Poems
  • Tom Wayman, Sure, I Was Paid Well
  • Theodore Weiss, Two Poems
  • Alicia Ostriker, from The Nakedness of the Fathers
  • Greg Johnson, A Death That Dare Not Speak
  • J. Allyn Rosser, Two Poems
  • Denise Duhamel, Asthma


  • Leland Howard, Portfolio


  • photo by Leland Howard