The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services

Network Security

ITS implements and manages systems that help keep our network secure and reliable. These systems include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention and network access control.

Network Security Policy

Please click on the link to review USF's Network Security Policy.

Technology Resources Appropriate Use Policy

University employees are responsible for reading and following the Technology Resources Appropriate Use Policy. Violations of this policy may be reported to

Access Management Policy

Please click on the link to review USF's ITS Access Management Policy.


Your password is the weakest link in network security chain. You should never write it down or share it with anyone. Passwords at USF are set to expire every six months, but you may want to refresh yours more often. When changing your password, please do not pick something obvious such as a person's name or a pet. Passwords should be difficult to guess and contain a mix of letters and numbers or other characters.

To change your password, go to the myUSF login page. Then click Change Password.

If you don't know your password and have only a student or alumni role, you may reset it by clicking on 'Set New/Forgot Password?' Faculty and staff need to call or visit the Help Desk during service hours due to security concerns.

Remote Access (VPN)

For secure off-campus or wireless access to the USF network, faculty and staff should download and install Remote Access software (VPN).