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CIT Technology Certificate Program

CIT Technology Certificate ProgramBeginning June 2014

The CIT is offering a Technology Certificate Program to assist faculty and staff in meeting technology goals.

Completing a minimum of Five technology classes in one track along with a work-related project by August 15th is required to complete the certificate program. The CIT will conclude the program with a lunchtime celebration, which will also showcase all completed projects. Certificates will be awarded to all participants who complete the program requirements.

To apply for any of the following tracks, access the Certificate Program Registration page.

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Teaching and Learning with Technology - This track is designed primarily for faculty, with an emphasis on using Canvas, along with other classes that include online assessment, course design, and developing digital media for teaching and learning.

Design and Media - This track is designed to support anyone interested in becoming more proficient at working with images, desktop publishing, video and other digital media.

Office Productivity - This track is designed to improve an individual's productivity when using today's office software, including the Microsoft Office suite as well as other technology tools to help streamline and improve your success in the office.

USF Communication Channels - This track is designed for admins who already received basic training in how to publish and edit USF calendar items, and/or are managing social media sites that officially represent the university online.  The certified training focuses on how to use a wide variety of channels to communicate your message effectively, and is especially helpful to those of you who promote events to an on-campus audience of faculty, staff and/or students.

Online - This track is designed to provide the flexibility to learn independent of classroom instruction. Complete 8 hours of online tutorials of your choosing.

Project Samples - Use the following guidelines to construct your projects for completion of the program.

I. Teaching and Learning with Technology

  • Design and deploy three or more online assessments and/or interactive learning assignments in your Canvas course site.
  • Create an online tutorial using screen capture (Echo Personal Capture/Jing/Camtasia) to introduce your students to a learning concept and share it with your students in your Canvas course site.
  • Using the 'Learning Pyramid' from both the Interactive Learning Units and Online Student Assessments as a guide, design a course assignment where the students are 'the teachers'. This assignment should include a grading rubric and both peer and self-assessment opportunities.
  • Design an assignment for your Service Learning course where students create a podcast about their experiences and share them publicly on an online blog or wiki.
  • Reserve a flip video camera for your class from the CIT for a week and have students create a training tutorial about a topic/learning outcome in your course.  Share them with the classmates in a Canvas Discussion or course wiki.
  • Revise your syllabus to include at least one rubric.

II. Design and Media

  • Create a newsletter for your department or an organization using Publisher or InDesign. 
  • Create a website using Google Sites. Include a YouTube video, a Google calendar, and a blog.
  • Create an online Google Form, and embed it into a web site.
  • Create a personal blog or a collaborative blog/class blog using or
  • Find three campus images needing color correction, add text, then upload them to an existing department website.
  • Create and edit a short promotional video using iMovie.

III. Office Productivity

  • Create a mail merge process that helps your department save time and money.
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation containing multiple forms of media: text, graphics, audio or video.
  • Create an Excel spreadsheet that addresses a need in your department and also streamlines or automates an existing process.
  • Design and develop a database project that manages contacts, clients or inventory.

IV. USF Communication Channels

V. Online

Complete a minimum of 8 hours of training in to fulfill requirements towards the completion of the program.

To apply for any of the tracks, access the Certificate Program Registration page.

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