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Resources for Microsoft Office 2013 for PC and 2011 for Mac

USF will be moving to Microsoft Office 2013 as our standard productivity suite for Windows PCs during the 2013/14 academic year. While for Windows users this wasn't the major change you went through moving from Office 2007 to Office 2010 version, there were some changes. Macintosh users will still be using Office 2011 suite this year.  The upgrades to the Mac version of Office usually follows the Windows version in the subsequent year.

Below you'll find a variety of training materials, and links to Microsoft help pages.

Office 2013 for Windows


(Click on the image to download a larger version)

Microsoft made some revisions to the Ribbon introduced in Office 2007 but the basic layout remains the same.  Whether you are upgrading from Office 2007 or 2003, the guides and tutorials below will help you navigate using the Ribbon and introduce you to new features.

Microsoft Support and Training
CIT Training Documents
  • Office 2013 Brochure for PC
  • Our CIT training documents for the specific applications will be added during the year as they are updated.
For Outlook users utilizing Google Apps Sync

If you have been using Outlook 2010 with Google Apps Sync, you may need to update the Sync application to work with Outlook 2013.  This tutorial goes through the download and install process for Google Apps Sync.

For Outlook users with group or department Exchange accounts

If you need to set up the Exchange account again once you have upgraded to Outlook 2013, here is a tutorial on the setup.

For those looking to access those Exchange accounts through a web browser, the instructions are here:

Accessing Exchange on the web

Office 2011 for Macintosh

Office 2011 Ribbon Preview

(Click on the image to download a larger version)

Microsoft made some major changes to the interface of Office 2011, removing the familiar toolbars. Accessing the various tools in Word, Powerpoint and Excel now are found in the tabs of the Ribbon. Unlike Office for the PC, all of the menus are still present with all of the familiar commands. Provided below are resources to help transition to the new interface and to introduce new features.

Microsoft Support and Training
CIT Training Documents

CIT Training

You can also sign up for classes at the CIT to learn more about the new versions of Office on the CIT training page.

Online Training Through

Access, an online training resource through the Learning Technologies tab in USFconnect, for additional training guides for Office 2013 and 2011!

Need Additional Help?

Contact the Center for Instruction and Technology ( for questions and requests for training in the new versions of Office.