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Want to learn about the iPad?

iPad retina-mini

Since Apple Computer has introduced the iPad, there has been a lot of commotion in the area of education.  Not only has a lot of studies been done in K-12, but also in higher education.  Many colleges had distributed iPads to students in the classroom in order to assess all the possibilities of this new product, thinking in line of a new trend that is going to change the way we read, the way we teach and the way we learn.

iPad Studies at USF

In 2010 the CIT led a study on the original iPad and its potential uses in education with the emphasis on the iPad in the hands of the faculty. The study ran for 6 months with 40 participants, ending in December 2010.  Check out the wiki documenting the goals of the study and the contributions of the participants.

This year, a second iPad study is underway this time focusing on the iPad 2 in the hands of graduate students as well as the faculty.  Check out the iPad 2 wiki detailing the purpose and goals for the study and follow the participants' progress as they explore the iPad's potential.


Set up your DonsApps Mail and Calendar on the iPadipad mailipad calendar

For Faculty and Staff: For students and alumni:





Manuals and Information

Official iPad and iPad Mini IOS 6 manual

CIT IOS Brochure

Apps for Education

MakeUseOf guide to IOS 7

Apple's iPad IOS 7.1 manual

Web Resources

iPad Academy

Educause iPad and Tablet Resources, accessible through USFconnect has a session on iPad tips and tricks.  Login to USFconnect and click on the icon in the Learning Technologies tab and search by keyword for "iPad" to locate the session by Christopher Breen.  Here is a sample of one of the sessions offered in the course:

Looking For a Case?

The number of cases that are available for both the iPad and iPad 2 is enormous-deciding which case is right for you can be daunting.  Macworld presents an overview of the various types of cases for you device.  CNET also has a roundup of both iPad 2 and iPad 3 cases.


Styling With a StylusPogo Stylus

Looking for a stylus for illustration, drawing diagrams or writing notes on your iPad?  There are actually quite a few styluses available with varying degrees of functionality for drawing or writing.  Check out Macworld's review for at the latest styluses.   In addition, Macworld has a video review of various styluses for drawing and general usage:

The Verge also has a nice review of various styli on their site with video versions of the review too.


Keyboarding on the iPad    bluetooth keyboard2

Typing on the digital keyboard on the iPad can be tough-especially for the touch typists.  Fortunately there are a number of solutions available for those who need a "real" keyboard.  Check out CNET  and Macworld's excellent articles on keyboard options and specifically keyboard folio cases.

Productivity suites for the iPad

You can do email and calendaring on the iPad, but what about Microsoft Office type documents like word and Excel?  Check out the review on productivity suites for the iPad by Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.  The article is here and the video review below.


 Microsoft finally releases Office for the iPad!

 Read the reviews from Engadget and check out the competitors:

Office for iPad Review

USFWireless and the iPadWireless logo

Accessing USFwireless on your iPad here on campus?  You can actually register your device with the ITS Help Desk so you can access USFwireless without the need to login every time.  Simply bring your iPad to the Help Desk located on the second floor of Lone Mountain North to register it.

Did You Know?

Packing the Dock

 You can actually have more than 6 items in your iPad dock; if you have a good number of apps installed and would like to have dock access to say 20 items, create folders with the apps you want to be able to access from the dock.  Then click and hold on the folder to enter the app edit mode where you can move or delete apps and folders.  Drag the folder to the dock to finish. 

iPad Dock

Force quit an app?

 Have you ever had an app that seemed to freeze like a program on your PC or Mac?  You can actually force quit that app by double clicking on the Home button to access the mult-tasking bar and press and hold on the offending app.  A red circle with a line appears; press on the red circle to force quit the app.

 Force quit app

Reviews on the iPad Air and the iPad Mini Retina!

Read about the new features and what the experts are saying about this version of the iPad

From CNET:

iPad Air review

iPad Mini Retina review

Checking to see if the Air or the Mini is the size for you?  Check out the comparison from CNET :
IOS News

Check out IOS 7 on Apple's site and CNET's article on preparing your device for the update. 

Already have IOS 7?  IOS 8 is just around the corner!

Check out the rumors on Tech Radar and take a look at the keynote from the World Wide Developers Conference here: