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CIT Award Winners 2014

The effective and creative use of technology in instruction is crucial in today’s classroom.  I am therefore pleased to present this year’s Innovation in Teaching with Technology Awards. The ITS Center for Instruction and Technology sponsors these awards to create a greater awareness of achievements by faculty who are finding new and innovative ways to use information technology in education.  One full-time faculty member and one part-time faculty member will be honored.

We had a number of outstanding nominees this year, each of whom was judged on the following criteria:

  • Enhancing the quality of teaching through technology
  • Encouraging the innovative use of technology in learning
  • Demonstrating the effective use of technology in teaching
  • Improving service to the USF learning community through innovative uses of technology

Full-Time Faculty Award -  Eugene Kim, Professor in the School of Law

Eugene kimThis full-time faculty member uses a variety of programs to develop his online videos for students' access to his Flipped Classroom. He does all his editing himself, and learns the technologies needed on his own. His videos are easily accessible on Youtube, with no special password needed. He supports the classroom effort extremely well with his use of Echo 360 and PDF annotator by giving students feedback that they can hear and see - and they can review again and again. Some students even think this is more valuable than one on one meetings because they can keep revisiting the feedback video. He has inspired other instructors to begin trying similar techniques. 

According to one faculty peer, who “It's clear that he incorporates technology, not just because technology is fun and attention-grabbing, but because its use actually helps to convey information and instruction in a meaningful and productive way, which allows students to become more efficient and effective learners. This instructor’s use of technology is clearly benefiting his students. But we also believe that his knowledge and facility with technology will benefit the rest of us at the law school. We are learning about how to incorporate technology into our teaching from him, and we look forward to continuing to learn from him.

I am pleased to award the Full-Time Faculty Innovation Award to Eugene Kim, Professor in the School of Law.

Part-Time Faculty Award -  Jennifer Kinder, Professor in the Department of Biology

Jennifer KinderThis part-time faculty member introduced technology to the course by including a 3-D app for the iPad and computers to accompany both lab and lecture material. To help with student learning, using a portable microphone, she utilized echo 360 personal capture software to make lectures available to students outside of class. 

To quote one of her students, “Her use of an Anatomy app, Echo captures, online evaluations, pictures and videos gave students a 3-D orientation to the new material they were learning and helped students quickly get an understanding of complex information. Anatomy is an extremely difficult course, and she really made a genuine and concerned effort to provide us with the tools we needed to succeed.”

I am pleased to award the Part-Time Faculty Innovation Award to Jennifer Kinder, Part-time Professor in the Department of Biology.

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