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CIT Awards Winners 2013

The CIT Awards honor faculty or staff who have demonstrated excellent use of technology in education. Recipients have supported the development of teaching and learning, contributing to the overall quality of the USF learning environment.

Jeremy HowellFull-Time Faculty Award -  Jeremy Howell, Professor of Sports Management in the College of Arts and Sciences

This full-time faculty member is recognized as a dynamic and progressive educator across our campus.

According to one student:

“In this class, all students submit a weekly blog and all course materials, readings, and assignments are posted online. Students are also encouraged to participate via Twitter and the final project is structured in a Wiki format.”

“He creatively facilitates learning by using technology to enable communications among all class participants – because he believes that students learn as much from one another, as they do from him. “

This faculty member also demonstrates that it is possible to be a jock, a nerd, and a great teacher – all at the same time…

Part-Time Faculty Award -  Vito Ferrente, Professor in the School of Education

This part-time faculty member is a leader in adopting the effective use of technology in his classes.

To quote one of his students:

“My professor embraces technology for educators wholly and shares his passion and expertise in a way that makes it accessible to learners and educators at every level. His was far the best course delivery of any I have experienced at USF.”

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