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CIT Awards Winners 2009

The CIT Awards honor faculty or staff who have demonstrated excellent use of technology in education. Recipients have supported the development of teaching and learning, contributing to the overall quality of the USF learning environment.

Full-Time Faculty Award - Mouwafac Sidaoui, School of Business and Management

sidaouiThe full-time faculty award recipient is passionate about digital learning and wants to ensure that students are as technologically advanced as possible. He teaches students how to use Excel to model business situations and solve “real-world” problems.  His classes are paperless. His syllabus, lecture notes, homework and tests are all digital. He teaches students how to learn more using technology and “goes the extra mile in order to help students gain a greater level of competency with technology.”

Nominated for this award multiple times over the years, this faculty member has shown a sustained commitment to incorporating technology in the classroom to enhance student learning.  He has the difficult task of helping non-technical students learn to use advanced techniques at the graduate level.  When he senses that students are not keeping up with the technology, he is very good at framing it in a different way. He also finds creative ways to have the students implement what they have learned.  According to one student, he “provides students with the skills to be able to handle technology, which is a requirement in today's professional world."

Part-Time Faculty Award - Carina Ljungwald, Politics & Sociology, Arts & Sciences

The part-time faculty award recipient innovatively used Blackboard to connect students. The professor created an international virtual classroom within Blackboard, inviting the students to “be in the front seat of transforming the future of social work education.” The idea shared with the students was that “by collaborating and exchanging knowledge and ideas across countries, we can broaden our minds, widen our perspectives and look beyond what we, otherwise, easily take for granted.” In the virtual classroom, USF students worked collaboratively with students from Stockholm University to build a community of learners.

This professor and a colleague at Stockholm University used a variety of applications to connect the students, including extensive use of discussion board forums, wikis, blogs, and surveys. Students shared that “she has exemplified innovation in bringing together students from two very diverse universities in a respectful and knowledgeable dialogue. She has created an extension to classroom learning and by using this technology has extended class hours to a possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

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